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  1. I've got a Magellan SporTrak Pro - but would be happy with any WAAS enabled unit that had a background map. I've also used the college's DGPS survey unit for class demonstrations. Now THOSE are accurate points!!!!
  2. Is it possible to either A) note on a site's data page whether the coordinates are are are not WAAS corrected or notify the owner of the site with more accurate coordinates. I'm getting frustrated finding cahces that are 50 feet away from their coordinates! What do you think?
  3. Magellan just started a rebate on their products as follows: Any Magellan GPS receiver: $50 rebate MapSend product: $25 rebate Buy both and get a $75 rebate! I don't work for Magellan, but I sure applied for the rebate after buying a SporTrak Pro and MapSend.
  4. I didn't know the power requirements and wanted to avoid burning up the receiver. Now I am looking for a cig adaptor to step down the voltage to 3.8 . Thanks for the cautionary note!
  5. I saw this a few weeks ago and it seemed like a lot of trouble. Then I took a trip last week and realized that extended power would be great. Thanks!!!
  6. Who had the instructions for making a power adaptor to plug your SporTrak into the car's cigarette lighter socket? I lost the URL.
  7. I got the basic file on mine, and it contains state highways, Interstate Freeways, railroads, and some major city streets. It doesn't contain any local residential streets (like the one I live on). So I don't think you're missing anything!
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