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  1. If the OP grabs it, that will put it in his inventory. Then he should be able to dip it ("visit") into the cache where he found it. That will reset the mileage. The tb I think is the one in question seems to have had a checkered past. Missing, re-started, etc. It seems odd to me, but it looks like it was placed into the cache without being properly logged. Personally, if it was me, I would just drop it into the next suitably sized cache and not bother logging it. It looks like a mess, and I would just want to be shed of it. B. The problem is when I "grab it", there is a "tracking code" field that I cant fill in. That's different from the TB number. The TB number is TB32TZZ but the site wants a a CODE to enter which should be found ON the travelbug but it's a tiny rubber sailboat with no code on it. Thoughts?
  2. I found a cache with a travel bug, but the cache says that there is no inventory. I've got the bug and the number. How can I look it up to officially get it back in the game?
  3. I’m reading the website and for a geocacher, it’s a little confusing understanding it all at first. I use a MAC with iPhone to geocache. Can I not download the video tutorial on how to play Wherigo?
  4. I'm very interested, though I'm new to caching, in having an event in Slidell. There are manny great parks and waterways here that have letter and trash. Totally sickening. I pick up often, but a group can do so much more while having a ball. Anyone with tips please let me know. Starlingdds@att.net
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