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  1. I only take credit for a mutli-cache when I find the last stage of the group. Is this correct?? Or do you get credit for just finding the first stage? Could someone please clarify this for me? I may have been 'shorting' myself.


    Personally, I think you should get a smiley for every "cache" you find in a multi. I don't see the point in making someone find multiple "caches" and then only get one smiley for it.

    I understand that my opinion is not a popular one though.


    So, you only get one smiley for one of the stages....the last one.

    (but at least a few people think you shouldn't get any smiley unless you find all the stages) For those people, apparantly each stage is a portion of a smiley and you can only collect your whole smiley once you get all the pieces of the smiley. Those people would have you believe that 7/8 of a smiley isn't good enough, even if you sign the logsheet.


    You seem to be all about smilies.....


    WHO CARES!!!!


    Why would you want 8 smilies for an 8 stage multi? Because you want to brag about your numbers. Well, I know I personally would much rather do a well put together and challenging 8 stage multi than 8 LPCs. So you stick to your LPC and don't complain about multis :ph34r:

  2. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried these as Cache containers before, and could let me know what sort of success they've had.




    My local Target sells these, and they're not expensive (usually no more than $5 for even the rather large ones)


    What made them look so nice to me is that they

    -Come in many sizes

    -Have snapping clamps on all 4 sides

    -Have rubber lining around the inside rim of the container


    They claim on the labeling that they're air-tight and water-tight. They could probably be covered in camo tape to make them harder to spot, and there's a clear window on top, where you could make a simple label with the name of the cache, and tape it to the inside of the lid, if you don't have any fancy "official gamepiece" stickers to slap on it.


    Once again, I'm not trying to advertise these containers or anything, I was just wondering if anyone's ever tried using them before for their Caches.


    -The Carlz0r


    You need to find some more caches before you even consider hiding one. You've only found 3.... I mean, if you had cached at all, you would know that lock and locks are extremely popular (definitely top 3 with ammo cans and bison tubes). Before you hide a cache, you should at least have enough finds to have seen a lock and lock, because they are quite common.

  3. it is not my unit. when you look on Google maps GZ is off by 15+ feet on almost every hide. It just seems hard to be that inconsistant. Should I post new coords? Thanks for the replies.


    In my area, Google Maps is actually what is off. Google maps consistantly shows caches about 25-30 feet west of the actual gz. It is possible this is what is happening in your area.

  4. I was thinking, has anyone ever raised the idea of having a log that only cachers who have already found the cache could see. There have been quite a few times that I would like to share something about how I found it/ got there, but didn't due to the fact that I thought that I might be writing too much for those that haven't found it yet and compromising the integrity of the hunt.


    Has anyone ever raised the idea of being able to write something that can only be read by those who have already logged a find on that cache?

  5. For me its creativity of the hide and the thrill of finding a cache when muggles around you have no idea about what is happening right before their eyes.


    Right, because it is sooo hard to lift up the base of a lamp-post. Micros are typically much easier than regulars, even if it is only because of where they are typically placed. I will agree that a micro in the same location as a regular will be harder, but most micros are much easier to get to than most small/regulars.


    For me, geocaching is primarily about the places you go, and after that it's about the things you find. I go to parking lots all the time, I don't need a cache to take me there, which is why I'm not a fan of most micros.

  6. I vote for disposable cachers, ones we can throw away when we are tired of the TFTC logs.


    Just a thought.


    If you hide your cache well and make it durable, people will apprectiate it more and stop putting logs that just say "TFTC"


    In my view, when you hide a cache, you're basically saying "Hey, I think this place is cool and you should see it too." If your cache lives up to that, then you won't get "TFTC" logs. Also, you won't want to get rid of it because you will want to continue to share the place with others.

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