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  1. First, download GSAK In GSAK, with your My Finds PQ loaded, to to the Filters dialog, "Other" tab. Near the bottom, see the My Found Count drop down and change it to Greater Than or Equal to 2. Click the Go button, and any cache that you have logged more than once will be listed. Copied this from another forum topic. I'm not skilled enough to link to it. Hope this helps.
  2. You'd receive much better data by writing a script that looks at logs on GC.com and tabulates data. I'm pretty sure you'll get no useful and reliable data this way. If you're serious about this, I would suggest looking into Perl.
  3. I would say make it a multi IF you are committed to maintaining and checking on it. If its 18 stages, it will probably only get hunted once a year (or so) and theres nothing worse than being in the middle of a multi, not finding a stage, then seeing later that it wasn't there anymore. But multis are awesome! For me, I don't care about only getting one smilie instead of 10. It's the experience that counts!
  4. Once you get the GPX, I find it a lot easier to load it into GSAK first, then filter it and send it to my GPS. Of course, you can use the filters in the PQ page, I just find GSAK easier.
  5. Worst I've ever had was last weekend. I stood up to quickly while inside a hollow tree and caught my forehead on the hanging down bark. Left blood gushing from my head for 10-15 minutes and a pretty nasty scar. Luckily, no stitches!
  6. One thing that really helps is to note that you know the first two digits of each coordinate, and usually have a pretty good guess on the next two. For me, its N42 xx.xxx W83 xx.xxx, so I try to figure out how to get the degrees to read 42 and 83, then apply that to the rest of the numbers. The minutes will usually be the same, and 1 or 2 off if they're not
  7. How did anyone find it in the first place being 3/4 mile off? I would post a needs archived if the CO has not responded to NM logs
  8. I want to do some canoe/kayak caches, but my GPS (Garmin 62s) doesn't float! It seems that somebody must manufacture a floatation device that clips onto the back of it (where the caribeaner that comes with the unit clips on), but a quick internet search yielded no obvious results. So, how do you make your GPS bouyant? Do you risk it and just use a lanyard around your neck, or some other solution? Or is there a product on the market I am simply missing?
  9. I've seen a multi where the first stage only had the west cords, and the north cords were in another, traditional cache.
  10. I agree. If the finding experience is different, those who found the first two will want to find these also; and it's sometimes looked down upon to log a second "found it" log on the same GC# Now that I see they are from 2003, I would say leave as is. Don't move or archive. Old caches are fun, but not nearly as fun if you know they've been moved and esensially created into a new cache with the same GC#
  11. I agree. If the finding experience is different, those who found the first two will want to find these also; and it's sometimes looked down upon to log a second "found it" log on the same GC#
  12. Nevermind it was an issue with me GSAK settings. Problem solved
  13. My Finds PQ seems to not have the found by me date in it anymore...? Is anyone else experiencing this?
  14. That probably won't work as a puzzle cache... It used to be that cachers could email the CO when they figured out the puzzle to get the actual coords. but that is discouraged now. Maybe you could do "minimum number of pours to measure 4 gallons" with the 3 and 5 gallon bucket then have the cacher add that to some other coords. IDK if that would work or not...
  15. With the new beta maps, you can zoom out and see the whole U.S. at one time. I noticed that one of the biggest holes is in N.E. Arizona. Does anyone know why this is? Is there a military testing base there or something like that?
  16. my thought is yes. They have outlined what they plan to do in releases 3 and 4, and so far they have only released update 2. I'm thinking updates 3 and 4 will be separate, otherwise they would just be update 3. It is possible we see update 3 in a few hours though!
  17. My question is, why shut down at 9am est? Why not 1am est( 10pm pst) to minimize the effect of the shutdown?
  18. Interesting, today is the first day I've noticed it... Sorry for beating what is probably a dead horse then.
  19. Also, if I uncheck any of the filters, all the caches dissappear...
  20. Whenever I click "enable personalization" in beta maps, all the caches just disappear now. Anybody else seeing this problem?
  21. I find it puzzling that everyone is complaining about the beta maps. I suggest you look up "Beta" it means "not ready", "under development", not "new, ready to go". A beta version is almost guaranteed to have bugs!
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