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  1. I've owned the 60CSx, Oregon 550t and the 60s. I think the 60s is the best option. It's accuracy is great (At least as good as the 60CSx IMHO) and it is paperless! The oregon I hated. I didn't like the touch screen and the accuracy didn't seem to be quite as good as the other two, but maybe that was just my preconveived bias.

  2. While I understand your point, for me, part of the fun of finding a geocache is figuring out exactly how to get to it, what roads are closest, etc. One of my best stories involves bushwhacking for 3/4 of a mile, because the road the cache was on was not programed into my GPS!! I love having those stories. If every cache gave a "take road A to Road B...." Description, I would not have nearly as much fun geocaching.


    So, my point is, it's up to the CO for how much info they want to provide. If you want to find straightforward caches where you know exactly where it'll be from the description, that's fine! You can find those. However, it if unfair for you to put that expectation on every cache in existence. I personally like to find ones with a little less info that requires me to use my brain to figure out a way into the area and come up with the find.

  3. Shaved Ewok,


    You are not listed as having attended any 10/10/10 events. In fact, you havn't attended any events according to the site. This is probably the reason you havn't got a souvenir for them.


    The 10/10/10 souvenir wasn't for attending events, it was for logging caches on that day.


    Ahh, I withdraw my comment than. Sorry, my misunderstanding.

  4. File a needs archived note. It doesn't have to be on the man's property, if it irritates him and may cause unpleasantness for future finders it should be archived.




    If the owner would put a note, I think that'd be ok. But if not, it should be archived if most finders will end up on private property while looking.

  5. You can just drag and drop the GPX files directly into the GPX folder. No need to go through GSAK. But check to make sure the GPX files your sending to your unit don't have the same name. Sounds like the new GPX file has the same name and is overwriting the first.


    There are some GPS's (mine included (Garmin GPSMAP 62s)) where you can't load more than one GPX in that way.

  6. Well, when you load on caches from GSAK, the default is to wipe the caches on the GPS. There's a button to uncheck to make it not clear.



    Why are you loading queries on individually using GSAK!!??

    What I do, which seems to work well, is load all the queries I've run on a day into GSAK. Then use "filters" in GSAK to only see the caches I want to see. (Usually the ones who had the GPX file updated that day and are active), then I just "Send to GPS" and only the visable caches get sent. in that case, its great that GSAK wipes my GPS for me. If a cache didn't show up in the PQs I run that day, it gets taken off my GPS!

  7. What really diferentiates the pro grade from the consumer grade? Is it just the accuracy of the internal clock? I'm pretty sure i remember that a big factor in an accurate reading, short of having a good signal from all 8-12 sats, is having a very accurate clock. Not to mention the ability to run the calculation rather fast.


    It's not the accuracy of the clock. The on board clock doesn't matter at all. The unit needs to know what time it is, but that comes from the satellites. This is why you need 4 satellites instead of three, so the GPS solves 4 simultaneous equations for 4 variables (x,y,z,time). It would be impossible to put a clock accurate enough in any handheld (or mobile for that matter) GPS receiver.


    I do not know exactly what sets the professional units apart.

  8. If you are making a multi that takes people to places less than the specified distance apart why not just have a geocache there? That's like saying, 'Do not sit on the grass, unless you sit on it on the way to somewhere else'. You are still going there as part of geocaching so not really reducing the number of geocaches in the area, just pretending to. I just think it's a rule that needs to be interpreted on a case by case basis not stuck to rigidly. In this case the rule is hindering rather than helping in my opinion.


    I think you'll find yourself alone in that opinion.

  9. I have a Dakota 20 and my wife also has one. They are set up the same way. How come if they are sitting next to each other the coordinates are a little different?




    The GPS signal you are using is coming from an object 12,000 miles above your head moving at ~7000 miles an hour. It's signal is constantly changing because it's position is constantly changing. In those 12,000 miles the signal travels, it can be slightly distorted by objects, including but not limited to: airplanes, other satellites, space junk, clouds, etc. Any of these could distort or slow down the signal. Therefore, the fact that we can get 15 feet accuracy is incredible in itself. So there are a lot of variables that can affect the reported position. They will get slightly different signals from the satellites. They will interfere with one another. They may be averaging slightly different time periods. They may be "seeing" different satellites.

  10. For my main caching device I have a Garmin GPSMap 62s on order. :)


    Out of the 16 GPSRs I have owned going way back, the 62S is my favorite. Good choice!


    Any phone or non-GPS dedicated unit is really only useful for light urban caching. I agree with the 62s! Best GPS I have owned! (60CSx, Oregon 550t, 62s)

  11. Now im looking at Inspire or the Atrix.


    Both are great phones! When picking, it really comes down to, do you want HTC Sense, or Motoblur? They are the skins that the manufacturers put on top of Android. You can read up on pros and cons of both of them at many places online.

  12. I personally dislike the "Ctrl-V" logs the most. They're not too hard to recognize.


    I try to write a well written, 4-5 sentence "Ctrl-V" log about my day as a whole, and put that on every cache and then write a couple sentences or a few brief comments about individual caches that stuck out to me. I figure, if the cache didn't stick out to me as memorable on that day, then the Ctrl-V log is all it will get.

  13. Also how much internet time does the phone use when using the GPS? Do I need a huge data package?


    The GPS itself will not use any data at all. The data is the cache data, maps, etc that needs to load to your phone. It will probably be a wait and see thing for you. Maybe start with 2GB, if you go over, they charge you $10 a month for each GB over. The next up is 4GB for $15 more. So you're really not rewarded much for going with the 4GB plan from the get go, it only saves you $5 a month. The 4GB plan does give you tethering capabiliies, but those are not difficult to add by rooting your phone and putting Google's default tethering app on (which comes standard with Android, but ATT and Motorola have conspired against you and removed it to make you think it doesn't exist), So there is no reason to get the 4GB plan for tethering alone. If you can get grandfathered in with an unlimited plan, that is definitely the best option ($30 for all the data you want)

  14. Which Droid phones work good? I'm due for an upgrade and dont know if I should Iphone or Droid it either??? Att is my carrier if that helps. PlEaSe HeLp! :D


    There are no "Droids" on ATT. "Droid" is a line of phones sold by Verizon, manufactured by many different companies that run the Android operating system.


    There are many phones running Android sold on AT&T. The Atrix 4G has been extremely popular. Also the Samsung Infuse and the HTC Inspire look nice. I have an Atrix and love it. It's easy to mod and does everything I need. That being said, it does have a locked bootloader :( I would definitely recommend one of those three though. If you go with anything older, you are going to be oudated way before your next upgrade.

  15. I originally bought a 60CSx from REI. After about a year of use, the plastic on the power button on top had ripped and I could no longer turn the device on/off. I took it in and they gave me a full refund, which I used to buy a Oregon 550t. I hated the 550t. I didn't like the touch screen, or the menus, or the screen brightness, anything really. But I figured I wouldn't return it because I had already got 2 GPS for the price of one.


    This April, I went into REI to look at the the 62s. Not buy, just look. The salesman asked me what I was currently using, and I told him my story. I had the 550t in my backpack at the time. The salesman almost forced me to turn it in and take the 62s when I told him I wasn't happy with the 550t, but didn't want to return it since I felt like I would be ripping the company off.


    So I have basically gotten 3 GPSRs for the price of 1. The first was definitely legitimate, and the second was highly encouraged by the salesman. Overall, I highly recommend REI. I will always buy my GPSRs there. (Although, when it comes time to get a new one, I will pay for it unless something goes wrong with my 62s within 3 years or so)

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