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  1. Signed up through a cruise planner. Here is the link: www.vacationsmadeez4u.com/rw/view/3022 The last I talked to Denise, there are 10 cachers signed up to go on this cruise.
  2. Have signed up for September 2014 cruise. Hope to meet you and other cachers! Any pointers you can give us about caching in Bermuda would be appreciated.
  3. Davetecsgirl, we have signed up for the Sept 2014 Geocaching cruise. This will be our first time working with the person organizing this adventure. Have seen posts on some of the caches from last year from people who went on this cruise to Bermuda. Many positive comments. Hope to have a great time!
  4. Its time to replace our current Nuvi 1450t. Currently we use to navigate to general cache area and then utilize our 60CSx and Oregon 450t once we arrive. Would like to have something that we can still download waypoints using GSAK. Looking for suggestions as well as pros and cons of the newer Nuvi units available.
  5. Did a few caches in the Iao valley which is a really lush and tropical area. We also hired a driver for just the two of us so that we could pick up a few caches along the Hana highway which is beautiful. We were really glad that someone else was driving this area. Our driver was great, and we picked caches that lined up with some of his usual stops. His name is Johnathan and his company is Hana4Less. We did the reverse tour, which visits spots before the other tours get there. We also did a few caches further north (Maui Rocks & Sapphira's teeth were some beautiful areas as well). Hope this helps.
  6. Spending a week in Kauai (Feb 2012). Would like to know which caches not to miss!
  7. Spending a week (Feb 2012) in Maui. Looking for suggestions on what caches not to miss!
  8. Going to Maui & Kauai in February 2012, and would like some input on cache favorites not to miss. We will be spending a week at each island. Also and input on places to eat, snorkel and sightseeing places to visit. Would like to attempt GCHREH Ha'ili'ili-haele WaterFalls Cache & GC962E Welcome to Jurassic Park and would love if any local cachers would be willing to assist or give input on these that would be great! Thanks! Monkey Man & Lulu
  9. We purchased an Oregon 450t to gain the options of Wherigo caches and to download cache pages. We are still using as well our GPSmap 60CSx. Is there any way to get the location marker/pointer on the Oregon to point to the direction of travel like it does on the 60CSx? Currently the location marker/pointer on the map always points north no matter which direction you walk while geocaching. Also....Is there any way to increase the icon size of the caches shown on the map?
  10. We have a Oregon 450, Nuvi 1450t and a 60CSx You can down load waypoints from Gsak into the Nuvi and see them on the screen. We really enjoy the big screen, but would recommend using a handheld unit once you are at the cache site. We really like our 60CSx for navigating at the cache site mostly because we know how to use it better. We are just learning to use the Oregon for navigating at the cache site. The one thing that is really nice about the Oregon is being able to quickly bring up the cache information, which is quicker than looking it up on our ipod. Hope this helps Monkey Man & Lulu
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