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  1. I just picked up my set from the post office. These coins are extremely detailed. I am happy I broke down and bought a set. Thanks for the awsome coin design. I will watch for the Center and Color Set.
  2. I like them both but the back of the shaped, I'm not too excited about although I don't know how you would improve it. I would buy either version though.
  3. Congrats!! Sex of baby (we don't know yet) : Boy Date of Birth: 11/24/2007 Time of Birth: 8:45 AM Weight: 7lbs 5oz Length (will be used for a tie breaker): 17.5"
  4. I love the Landsharkz v1...that is one awsome coin. Actually number one on my coin want list was the Mr. and Mrs. Loggerhead but I was finally able to get one in a trade about 2 weeks ago. So now number one on that list is the Landsharkz geocoin.
  5. I have a few 2006 Chills LE (50 minted) that I would love to trade for pretty much any coin that I don't have. Any takers? Also I am seeking: tranquiltiy (any version) lord of the cache (any version) dream catcher (fire and water) earth turtle (any version) My trader list is in my signature.
  6. These coins have gotten such great praise I can't pass them up. Payment sent.
  7. I have a few 2006 Chills LE (50 minted) that I would love to trade. Any takers?
  8. It sounds like there are relatively few coins that remain activated and "owned" by the coin designer/creator but apparently recent events have forced this issue to the front of forum discussions. I like the idea of abiding by the terms of your trade/purchase and if you don't like those terms don't trade/purchase.
  9. I missed out on the new Tranquility coins (any version but really like the blue and red) and Lord of the Cache (any version) geocoins. Does anyone have one for trade? My trader list is below.
  10. Seeking: Dragonfly (any color but orange) Crickey (Stever Irwin tribute coin any version) Dark Side of the Cache (any version) Screw (any version) Sometimes you feel like a nut (any version) Anyone willing to trade me one of these coins. A link to my trader list is below.
  11. Wow! Sweet coin! Oh wait I hear my wife coming...whew it was just one of the kids. I will be sure to pick up the red head and blonde.
  12. Seeking: Tiki Bikki Bikki Tiki Lord Mojo Tiki Pomsby Tiki Yawp Psychochicken (any version) Looney Penguin New York 2005 Blue or Red Scout Knife (any version) Double Dragon 2-tone Dreamcatcher Fire and Water Earth Turtle (any version) Four Spirit (any 1 up to all 4) 2006 Landsharkz Link to trader list is below. I have a few personal/team geocoins left for trade.
  13. Thanks for all the interest in my team geocoin. I have sorted through a lot of trade offers and I still have a few of you that I am working trades with. I believe I will have a few RE's still availble when all is said and done. As soon as I am certain of this, I will post the quantity left just encase anyone else may have missed out. I've had a lot of fun working out trades. I am very excited for all the new geocoins I will be able to add to my collections. Thanks agian!!
  14. Quite a list. Everything that happens to be selling well on ebay too. Man Avroair why you got to be a hater...I traded you a set including the last of my XLE 2-tone.
  15. Thanks for all who have shown interest in my team geocoin. I will be in contact with everyone very soon. Also I still have more left if anyone else wants to get a trade in. The coins I am really hoping to trade for are listed above but all trade offers are welcomed. Thanks again!! Here are a couple more that would be really cool to add to my collection. Landsharkz 2006 Karma Glow Lizardtoads Decipher v1 SYF (any metal) Legend of Big Foot 33 Club LP Any of the Loggerhead coins
  16. I am very new to these forums so hopefully I can do this right. My caching team (Team Lost and Found) produced a geocoin that I purchased half the minting of. I have traded quite a few and hope to trade some more. Here is a photo of my RE (Antique Silver) and LE (Antique Copper). The RE had a mint of 50 and the LE a mint of 30. These Coins are NOT trackable but are sequentually numbered. The coin is 1.75 in diameter. I only have 17 RE and 8 LE left. I am very interested in trading for any of the following coins. Loggerhead (any metal type) Earth Turtle (any metal type) Scout Knife (any metal type) Cub Scout Knife (any metal type) Bikinibottomfeeders (any metal type) Cache or Die Trying (any metal type) Compass Rose 2005 Compass Rose 2006 (any metal type) Double Dragon Trackable (any metal type) Dragonfly (any metal type) Dreamcatcher (Fire, Water, Air) Fire Elemental (any metal type) Four Spirit (Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, Red Phoenix, White Tiger) GeoCat (any metal type) Geopoker Run Isle of Man v1 Pi Math Puzzle Red Psychochicken Project Ape (any metal type) Tiki (any of the 4 versions) Tombstone Lets start with this list and see if I need to add more (just way too many awsome geocoins out there). Any help to my coin collection would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  17. I am new to the geocaching world (3 months) and even newer to the geocoin experience (2 months and over 50 coins) and am already thinking of having my own personal minted. Can someone help me out with the best way and place to go about doing this? And if anyone can let me know what a normal 1.5 diameter fairly basic geocoin will cost me per coin to have minted.
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