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  1. Around here we don't have a little bottle stash. However, we do have a cache that you bring an unscratched one dollar lottery ticket and exchange it for the one that is in there. I was a loser , but so was the person who picked up the one I left
  2. I just went paperless. Bought a used Palm M125 from another Geocacher with the idea I would use it for geocaching. However, I'm using it for every thing and really like it. I realy like the fact I have all the cache information I need always with me and don't have to print out pages all the time. Lots of used cheap PDA's out there that will work well for caching. I would recommend anyone getting one who wants to increase their caching tools.
  3. I just launched my first TB and I'm wondering how I get the photo displayed on the TB page. I uploaded the picture and it is there but you have to click on it to see it. Most pages just display the photo. Help!! If I'm not crazy, am I sane?
  4. Great weekend for caching. We did 3 Friday night, 8 Saturday and 3 more Sunday morning. A lot of Fun! If I'm not crazy, am I sane?
  5. Happy St. Patricks Day to all those cachers who have a little Irish heritage. We are celebrating our Irish ties to our Team name with the placing of an Irish themed geocache today. If I'm not crazy, am I sane?
  6. I find myself rarely taking anything, but usually leaving things. I have made up some nice looking (if I don't say so myself) buttons and maganets and I usually leave those. I do take other unique buttons, but that is about it. If I'm not crazy, am I sane?
  7. We have don't own any travel bugs as of yet, but just ordered some tags and looking forward to getting some going. Good tip on placing them in new caches to start. We also have several planned to go out in the next few monthes. If I'm not crazy, am I sane?
  8. I think about those high prices but it has not stopped me. This past Saturday I used more than a half a tank of gas just driving to geocaches. The way I looked at it what else could I get a full day's of entertainment for 15 bucks. If I'm not crazy, am I sane?
  9. I like the idea, although it does border on the commercial use of a geocache. However, when you are from out of town, as many of are when caching, it would be nice to know some other points of interest, good places to eat, or stay. If I'm not crazy, am I sane?
  10. Radio Announcer! If I'm not crazy, am I sane?
  11. This may have been discussed before, but I wondering how important you think 1st finds are? If I'm not crazy, am I sane?
  12. Yep, just hid my 12 year old daughters birthday present. Plan to give her a card with the just the coordinates. And since she is better at finding these things than me I hid it really good. Pure white box out in the snow. The cache is in the woods behind Grandmas house where we will be for her birthday party. I'm sure she will love it. If I'm not crazy, am I sane?
  13. Okay, how does everyone get those great sayings at the bottom of their posts. I tried putting mine in the signature line on my profile, but it doesn't show up. What I'm doing wrong? Thanks. Never mind I see it is working now.....Ha.. If I'm not crazy, am I sane?
  14. Since the kids were sick this weekend we were stuck indoors. But that didn't stop us from Geocaching as much as we could. We camo painted several new caches, made Geocaching buttons, and learned how to use Easy GPS. (Hey is this program neat). So even though we didn't find one cache we still had a good time.
  15. I have found about half by myself and the others with my daughters. I enjoy it both ways. But I will admit a few solo trips I was wishing I had my oldest daughter with me. She has a knack for finding caches, espcially the well hidden ones!
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