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  1. Why are we forced to use third party tools or macros instead of having simple functionalities working directly on the website?
  2. I second 2Abendsegler's request because from my point of view they are no disadvantage. I do not sort those lists (except in alphabetical order) and I also don't need the ability to move/copy caches between lists. Upgrading the old lists view with sortable columns and a few more abilities (like copy/move) would have been really enough to satisfy everyone.
  3. Please, give us the option to show 1000 caches at once. If there are performance issues: which fields are responsible for this lack of performance and can they be removed/optimized?
  4. Hi, why is the amount of listed caches limited to 500 per page? Is it possible to add also 1000 as option, please?
  5. You can also find the link to MATM in the start page https://www.geocaching.com/play/search
  6. Du kannst alle Stufen innerhalb eines Tages loggen und erhälst auch entsprechende Souvenire. Zumindest für die letzte Stufe (35 Stück) konnte ich sogar meine noch offenen Caches von vor ein paar Tagen mit dem damaligen Datum loggen und sie haben gezählt. Kannst ja, wenn du unsicher bist, mal einen Cache loggen und auf der Museum-Seite schauen, dass sich was ändert.
  7. Nice idea. But that's something I expect Groundspeak to implement (they broke it, they can fix it). This feature should be available for all users, not only add-on users.
  8. But does it also help when I want to click menu "Play -> View map"? This is (was) the most common way I use to get to the Browse Map. Currently I'm forced to use bookmarks or browser's address bar instead. @Groundspeak: If you do not want to set the browse map as default, could you then please upgrade the menu and provide two links?? "View Search Map" and "View Browse Map". The search map is not useable for me.
  9. Hallo paradonym, warum schreibst du potentielle Adoptierer (FTF'ler oder Finder aus der Gegend) nicht direkt an? Ich vermute, hier wird das von denen kaum jemand lesen.
  10. Hi ganhaoh, there are a couple of sites online which provide various templates for logbooks, for example: Link You also can personalize your own logbooks. There are no rules for this. But you should write the GC code and maybe the cache name on it.
  11. Hallo Jonathan, die Anzahl der eingesammelten Gegenstände müsstest du in einer Variablen speichern. Jedes Mal, wenn ein Gegenstand gesammelt wird, wird die Variable um 1 erhöht. Diese Variable kannst du dann mit dem "Vergleich"-Kommando abfragen.
  12. Ich zitiere mich mal selber: Vermutlich dürfte das mit deinen Beobachtungen zusammenhängen..
  13. Wenn ich mir dein Profil anschaue, sehe ich, dass die Links wir folgt kodiert sind: https://www.geocaching.com/profile/?u=Odiss#link:undefined:aHR0cDovL2Nvb3JkLmluZm8vR0M0V0ZKRQ== Klicke ich mit der linken Maustraste drauf, blockiert Firefox ein Popupfenster, welches ich dann aber trotzdem laden lassen kann. Klicke ich mit Strg+linke Maustaste, öffnet sich zwar einer neuer Tab, aber ich lande immer wieder auf deiner Profilseite. Gleiches mit rechte Maustaste + Neuer Tab. Groundspeak "bastelt" derzeit an den Profilseiten rum und einige User haben sich schon über veränderte Links und ein verändertes Verhalten beim Draufklicken beschwert. ie (nachträgliche) Veröffentlichung der Änderung ist in den Release Notes zu finden: Link
  14. Hi me N u, if I look at your profile I do see some Earth Cache banners and some statistics?
  15. Hi searcherdog, there was an announcement about the new map page and how to switch back: Link
  16. nope, you were not.. :-/ That's because you/Groundspeak forced everyone to use the new layout again and again. You can make a guess wich layout would have been used most if the old layout was the standard.
  17. That's it! I've never minded the type of solution text, but after some tests I can say: the checkbox is there if you use coordinates, and is not there if you use non-coordinates-keywords. Afterwards this behaviour totally makes sense. Thank you for finding out, noncentric!
  18. Hm, could it be it has something to do with the cache type? Just a few moments ago I was surprised to see the "Update coordinates" checkbox at the certitude site. This time it was a letterbox hybrid cache which had a starter puzzle. The last time where I didn't see the checkbox it was a Wherigo.
  19. Huh, I don't see such a checkbox. Mysterious! In this case I withdraw my statement and change it to "For me Certitude does not update the coordinates in the listing page. .."
  20. Certitude does not update the coordinates in the listing page. Instead it updates the "Personal Cache Note" field, if you click the "Update Note" button. The attached picture shows the corresponding message . I've never tried it because any existing note will be overwritten.
  21. Hi Goldenwattle, the responsible reviewer is the one from the country you're going to host the event, not you local reviewer. If there's no reviewer in this country I guess there will be one from the surrounding countries. It's the same as hosting an event in your home country. Yes, you can log an "attended" on your own event. (click) Best regards, fraggle
  22. Hi CS259DO, ich sehe das genauso. Der Cache und das Erlebnis werden ja nicht schlechter, nur weil der Cache archiviert wurde. Würde ich das machen (mache ich nicht), dann würde das aus meiner Sicht dem Owner signalisieren, dass der Cache wohl doch nicht so toll war. Und genaugenommen bräuchte man dann gar keinem Cache einen Favoriten geben, weil sowieso jeder Cache irgendwann einmal archiviert wird. Man könnte sich die Arbeit also sparen. Gruß, fraggle
  23. When viewing a list you can set the "Results per page:" to 1000. This should be enough to display the whole list at once.
  24. agreed. This message box was no good idea. From my side please change: +1 for removing the 'mark forum as read' message box +1 better visibility of the grey texts +1 downvote function
  25. Hi Pezdude, do those pictures need to be in very good quality in the cache listing? Otherwise you could use a low quality version of the pictures in the listing and each of those pictures (hyper)link to the high quality version.
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