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  1. Have the same issue, if I connect to a virtual pc of my uni, everything goes great, even though, at my computer, in some inputs (with a huge programming and a lot of options) the app crashed and I cannot even see the code... On the other computer, I was able to work and change almost everything..
  2. Nop, I didn't update the app... I just creating the cartridge and that error couldn't let me create any run or .gwc file, so I had to upload it to the Wherigo website to download the cartridge and everything was fine...
  3. That's the same issue I had last week... By the moment I haven't fixed it, but I don't know why this happens...
  4. Ya me lo recomendaron, probablemente sea problema del tamaño de las imágenes... Si lo consigo solucionar os digo algo Gracias!
  5. He creado un nuevo archivo con una de las fotos (en concreto l1.png) y puede funcionar sin problema....
  6. Sí, el error me sale al intentar compilar... Al añadir una serie de fotos, pero nunca me había dado mi error. Cuando intento compilar me sale una carpeta del tipo "run-84ebe95d-1878-4c50-8dd5-e60db5e04e6e", pero no hay nada dentro, la aplicación reconoce como si ya hubiera creado ese archivo .gwz o hubiera crado un archivo para probar (run) Sí claro, ese archivo es una foto que he añadido recientemente... No, en la lista de errores no me sale nada... A lo mejor es porque el tamaño de las últimas fotos es muy grande? Gracias y Saludos!
  7. javilo99

    Error en Urwigo

    Ayer me saltó este error gigante y no puedo compilar o arrancar el cartucho. Alguien sabe cómo solucionarlo?
  8. I'm asking because I don't think I can do it with the basic programming based on blocks with Urwigo (the actual compiler I'm using to create the cartridge)
  9. How can I do this? What I want to do is to count the solved riddle only as one, so if the player solve the riddle five times, it just count as one riddle solved... This might be accurate if you change the value of each riddle to 1 when the player solve the riddle, at the end, you just have to sum up all "1" to give a message in the stats with all the riddles done, but the question is...how?
  10. Well, I understand it more or less... But how can I do this on Urwigo? I only know how to work with the boxes, not as commands... Also, this function covers if the player answer a riddle, it counts only one time? Cuz this is what I want to do...
  11. Hi, never had this error, but I cannot compile or run the cartridge... This morning everything was okey, but a few minutes ago, this happened:
  12. I think I have not understand nothing at all But yeah, that's what I don't want, because I would have to create a lot of variables and then set them as 1 if the player answer the riddle right... So maybe, to create a complex function I have to use .lua code and so on? (I have to comment that I have no idea about .lua code and all that stuff...)
  13. Hi guys, right now I'm creating another Wherigo cartridge (this is so amusing and super adictive) and I'm here again, to ask you about how I programme this: I'm making a Wherigo with rooms, each room has a different riddle and I want to make some stats for the end of the game. One of the things I want to sum up is the amount of riddles the player has solved (only one count for each riddle, for example if the player solve the first riddle 50 times, just the total of riddles will be one) The problem is that if you fail, you may die and you have to restart the game and enter the rooms that you have solved previously. Also, I have different paths to progress in the game, so it's difficult to control and count the riddles only one by time... I was trying to make a function called "riddles" and to programme if the player has enter the room and solve the riddle once, just to count as one... It's difficult since I'm making a lot of rooms and paths to get to the end... The only way I see I can do it is to programme one variable for each room, so when the player solve a riddle, the room gets to 1 and the amount of riddles only count as 1 and so on... This is a boring way because you have to create one variable for each room and I'm sure that it has to be a better chance to do this in a better way...maybe with some "restrictions" on adding one to the variable "riddles" just only the first time you solve the riddle... Hope you can help me with this thing... Regards, Javilo99
  14. Hi everyone, I'm trying to upload the .GWZ file to test my cartridge with the UTC-9, but it doesn't work, it charge till 75% and then the browser tries to upload the file again.... I have tried many times without any result in Chrome and Internet Explorer 10... Can you give your help? I think it's because the size of the file (about 100 MB) Thanks, Javilo99
  15. Well, I'm afraid I have no idea about that Thanks to all, I will put questions that can only be answered in the place and trust everyone (or almost everyone) to do the cartridge correctly. Even if they want to make traps, is their fault....
  16. I have been some time building a cartridge in Urwigo, but I have some crashes and bugs. Everything was okey, but, at this point, in some inputs or options like (not equal to) the app crashes and I can't do anything. I'm running it on Windows 10, is there anything I can do to continue my project and have less bugs?
  17. Also, I'm having problems with big inputs that I made at the beginning of the cartridge and now, when I click on them to fix a few things, the app crash... Is because I'm running it on Windows 10? Is there any other operative system that I can use to have less bugs and breaks? I wish is my current system and not the app, because I have made a lot of work on the cartridge. I think it crashes because it has a lot of information, dialogs and so on...but anyway, the app should work great,right?
  18. Nothing at all. I have been continuing with my project and now, when I select the not equal option in a compare, the app crashes...
  19. Well, I would want to put this on my cartridge to ensure people do the cartridge outside (as it has to be)
  20. Hi everyone, I have been creating a huge and complete cartridge in my neighbourhood, but today I realized people can make traps by using apps to move their phone GPS location from their homes... (And of course, I have made all the work for people to enjoy it, not just sitting on their sofas) So, is there any way to detect or eliminate a use of a fake gps on the Wherigo app with programming? (I'm doing it on Urwigo)
  21. I am making a cartridge and I have an issue. I have create a huge input with a lot of messages and now I can't open it. I want to change something but I cannot open it, when I create it I was able to programe it and change the programme, but now I cannot do anything. Any idea on how to solve this? When I click to open the input code, the program crash
  22. Ya le contacté por correo electrónico, pero en un mes no recibió ninguna respuesta ... por eso creé este hilo, para ver si alguien conoció otra forma de contactar con él. Por eso menciono en el primer mensaje que si alguien sabe como contactar con él aparte de la mensajería de geocaching (vía e-mail o mensajes)
  23. Hola, alguien tiene algún medio para contactar con katalan46 (aparte de la mensajería de geocaching)? Le he escrito, pero no me ha contestado, quiero contactar con él, para hablar y preguntarle de un caché archivado en Vallecas. Gracias
  24. A quick noob question: If I publish my .gwc cartridge on Wherigo.com and it's inactive, nobody can download or search for it, right?
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