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  1. A friend (and fellow cacher) taught me early on (read this as my first cache) the importance of carrying a "walking stick" and the use of said stick in searching in areas where snakes, spiders, etc might be hiding. The stick I use is a cheapy telescoping one so I can fold it up when not using it.


    My caching buddy is very fond of wearing gloves when actually going after these caches after a thorough sweep with a walking stick. YMMV, but so far it's worked for us.

  2. Here is what I sing:


    Dashing through the snow, Garmin shows the way.

    Over the fields we go, laughing all the way.


    Got my PDA, unit's on backlight

    Oh what fun it is to sing a geo song tonight


    Geocache, geocache, geocache all day

    Oh what fun it is to find a geocache today


    Its sung to the tune of Purple Haze.


    Mine's like that except it starts:

    "Caching through the snow...

  3. I have a chinese name-stamp that a friend gave me years ago. I started carrying it to stamp letterbox logs with, but have begun using it in any log I sign. Unless you read chinese, it is pretty much meaningless, but it is definitely one-of-a-kind since my chinese name is unique.


    Yeah, mine too :laughing:

  4. I'm not sure where you're originally from but when my BW and I went to the Bridges we were suprised at the amount of driving involved in getting to them. This was, of course, before arsonists destroyed two of them. :laughing:

  5. I just finished a cache where the headstones were part of a clue, but the actual cache was outside of the cemtery. I thought this was excellent as I was able to learn about the community and with the cache outside the gates not disturb anything on the grounds.

  6. While searching out a micro recently I heard the clatter of a couple youngsters on bicycles. I just pressed up against the tree I was near and stayed still. The lads (who had they have seen me would surely have stopped) roared right on by. They were literally within arms reach when they passed.


    On an urban cache by a mailbox I had to duck under my car. An elderly couple pulled up to drop a couple items off in the mailbox. I'm pretty sure he didn't see me, but I'm not so sure about his wife.


    * edited to fix a typo *

  7. Lost my work pager on a lunch time cache. At least I *think* I lost it out there. Multi stage cache with bushwhacking over some really hilly terrain and waist high grasses. Looked around for it but this would be like finding a needle in a hay stack.


    Naturally the pager is on "silent" mode. The really weird part is, the holster went AWOL too.

  8. The thrill of the hunt is in the chase. The chase for me starts when I download the cords for the cache in my GPSr. I enjoy troubleshooting and problem solving. Parking cords to me are a buzzkill. If I DNF because I can't figure out where to park it just adds to the flavor of the cache - and will make me want to go back. It also makes me want to bring others into the game so I can enjoy that "aha!" moment with them when we go after that cache.


    Please don't give away more than you absolutely have to when posting your caches and this includes parking cords.


    just my $0.02

  9. I'm still new enough I check. I'm troubled by a TB that I placed in a cache that was (prior to my getting there) getting hit pretty regularly. Now only 1 person has been there in the 3 weeks since I left the TB.


    I can't really get to the TB since it's 150 miles away.

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