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  1. As I look at all of the new units coming out of Garmin in such a short time I wonder if they introduced too much too fast. From a marketing standpoint it doesn't make much sense. It seems to me that if they would have spread the new releases out a little more it would have been more profitable to them. But to us, the consumers, it is a great oppurtunity to pick and choose the gps that best suits us. I wonder though what else they are going to be able to offer to lure us away from our new gpsrs and buy something else. So my question is, what could these manufacturers offer to get you to sell you 60CS, 76CS, or whatever other model you use and buy something else? Obviously we all want to see more memory or even better, expandable memory, but whaty else would you like to see? I was just wondering.
  2. I was reading a little bit about these new units from Magellan and I couldn't tell if any of the three models has the capability to accept and store maps. The 200 and the 300 models say that they have background maps, but it doesn't say anything about memory. Does anyone know if the new eXplorists have this feature? Here is the link if you are interested. eXplorist series
  3. This is off of Intel's site about the 76CS, "Includes a built-in Americas Autoroute basemap with auto-routing capabilities, including highways, exits, and tide data (U.S. only)"
  4. I just saw on garmin.com the new editions to the 76 series. Color screens and 115 mb of memory. Maybe I'll postpone my 60cs purchase.
  5. I'll make this short and sweet, the summit doesn't accept external memory or maps.
  6. When the rumors of the new GPS60 series started to spread there were 4. The 2 lower end were supposivley non-color units. Has anybody heard what happened to them?
  7. I spoke with my Garmin rep and he said they will cost between $400-$500. And I'd be willing to bet that they will have autorouting.
  8. I've played around with the Cobra gps a little bit. I did get satelite lock, but the problem I had was that the gps was telling me that I was moving about 16 mph when in reality I wasn't moving at all. After that I haven't wanted to learn anymore about them. You should have went with your first impression and bought a Garmin or Magellan. Maybe you can still return it?
  9. I just got an e-mail from my Garmin rep. I asked if he could spare me any information, and this was his reply. "Should hit the market around Christmas. Color screen, usb, a lot of memory." This is not all I asked for, buy all that he would say.
  10. These images are more than photo edits. And if Garmin say maybe november they probably will not be released until Feb. of March. I'm excited to see though.
  11. Could tis rebate be because of a new product or new products that will soon replace these units?
  12. From what I understand City Select is not as detailed in smaller cities as Metro Guide is. If I'm wrong I hope someone with more experoence will correct me.
  13. If you are talking about loading both Metroguide and topo into your five you can. You cannot view both at the same time, however, you can switch between the two. Your five will always default to metro guide, so you will have to manually select your topo maps. Is this what you wanted to know?
  14. I've used the 72 and I've very impressed with it. I haven't had any reception problems or problems with it shutting down. Other Garmins I've used have shut down when the backlight is on with low batteries.
  15. I've heard very little about this unit, only that it attatches to a PDA. I've seen it come with city/street map software, is it possible to load topo maps on this unit, if so will Map Send Topo load into it. Maybe this is an easy question but I have no Idea.
  16. The latest names I,ve heard about these new units from Garmin are Geko 101; Geko Plus/201; Geko Summit/301. This is all I know, but I understand that they will replace certain E-Trex units.
  17. quote: Everyone always talks about how the radios aren't that great, my feeling is that the Rino isn't cool because it has a GPS and a radio, it is cool because it combines the two to give you the cool feature of position sending. If you're not going to use the position sending feature (I use it all the time) then you should buy a good GPS and a good radio. -Matt The peer-to-peer positioning is transmitted over the FRS frequencies, so with the radio being as it is you cannot transmit your location as well as you'd like. Peer-to-peer positoning is only as good as the radio is. And we have all read how good the radio is.
  18. I was "feild testing" a meridian the other day and I found that the stored base map to be very inaccurate. It showed me a half-a-maile or more away from the road on which I was driving. To me not a big deal, but does Magellan have the same problem on their software? I've used Garmin's the same way and found it to be very accurate.
  19. quote: Here's the deal. I'm in the market for a GPS unit, but I'm not sure which one would best suit my needs. For one, I plan to do some Geocaching. So my unit will need to be fairly rugged and waterproof. A screen that's fairly easy to read would be nice. I also do a lot of driving. I would like a GPS that, when connected to my laptop, would show my position on an onscreen map on the laptop. Large enough that I can see at a glance while driving. Does anyone have recommendations? Is there a unit that can do these features for a good price? My advice to you is to research the new Garmin 72, it is a great unit and easily found under $200. Also research Magellan's sport Trac series, these are also excellent units.
  20. The radio on the rino 110 isn't that great. The output is .5 watts with FRS, and only 1 watt with GMRS. I played around with it last weekend and I was not impressed with the radio end of it.
  21. The 72 has a few advantages over the venture. The venture has the patch antenna, in the 72 garmin put the quadre-helix antenna which allows much better reception in thicker cover.That alone is a huge benifit to me. Otherwise it has the same memory as your venture. It also floats, and has a bigger screen for those with "older" eyes. I would coose the 72 over the venture, but thats my opinion.
  23. I used a rino 110 lastnight and found a few interesting things. I was under the impression that the 110 was a FRS radio only but I found that it is both a FRS and a GMRS radio. I also found that the peer-to-peer positioning can only be used with the FRS channels (1-14), that means Peer-to-peer will only work up to 2 mile(depending on terain conditions.) At least I tried to use peer-to-peer in the GMRS channels and it wouldn't work.
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