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  1. Browsing the web a little last night I came across a new Android app called NeonGeo. It has some great reviews and looking at the Market Place it costs 3 Euro, or R32.50 (2011-12-06). I bought it this morning, and tried it out over lunch time, sitting here in the office. It uses the GS Live API, and from the little I played with it it is very responsive even on my entry level HTC Wildfire. Caches load very quickly. There are no long pauses. One can log caches and TB from the app. I'll try that on my next outing. Also the compass is overlaid on the map. Very neat. The main reason I want a app on the phone is to get the newly publishes caches fast and easily, as well as checking for logs / hints which my eTrax doesn't support I'll play with it over the next few days and give more feedback if anyone is interested, but for R32.50 (or the price of a single hamburger) you cant go wrong.
  2. On Saturday morning we got a surprise visit by to Australian cachers. Team name Griffo. They had walked from the airport to our house, about a 4 to 5 km walk using the side roads) They were in transit on their way to climb Kilimanjaro. I wanted to take them with to the Date in the Delta event, but they had to leave at 12, and we would have cut it much to fine. So instead I decided to take them on a few caches around Edenvale, and let team Griffo pick up a few more caches then just 1 in South Africa. I think they had a good time, and saw a little bit of the area. As a bonus we did a cache together which I had not yet done. Dropped them of safely at the airport. I gave Griffo one of my TBs, and if all works out well, it will see the top of Kilimanjaro. If it happens it will be awesome! If there are any other international (or even national) travellers at OR Thambo airport who would like to visit "Coffee Stop" (our current home cache), we will gladly provide a shuttle service, if we are available, from the airport. @Griffo: Great meeting you, and happy climbing!
  3. I spoke to BruceTP and we planning another Techno event in late Jan early Feb up here in Johannsburg. We will talk possibly talk about: 1) New features in GSAK 8, 2) Geocaching apps for iPhone 3) Geocahcing apps for Android
  4. My full report of the Toyrun up here in Johannesburg can be read here
  5. We were in the are for another case recently, and saw one can now (or at least when we were there) approach it from the other direction. Might be an option to try if you are in the area and the parking co-ords gate is locked.
  6. My wife and I will be attending the one up here in Benoni if all goes well. We are having my work XMas function the night before. So it might be a late night, with a bit of a hangover. But it's one of the events I have been looking forward to for a long long time. I think I have been to two or three of them before in the late 80's. Looking forward to what the ride will be like now. Any other Gautengers going?
  7. This is true, but if I were to go top that remote location, and can do one cache on route to my destination, then I most likely would try and do the cache with the favourite point. So I think the points must be viewed in a local flavour / area, rather then national. (Just my 2c worth)
  8. I am running Version 7 and 8 side by side: V7 = C:\GSAK V8 = C:\GSAK8 I installed V8 (by specifying a different directory) Then created a GPX file in Version 7, and importing that into V8. Note: If you upgrade now to Version 8, and then load the latest patch (I think that is 8.1) you will be "unregistered". I paid my $20.00 upgrade fee, and came to R165.00 a few weeks ago. I think that if you install V8 over V7 it will do the upgrade for you, so no need to restore. As you have it, steps 1 and 2 quite important in case you need to roll back. Since V8 has been out I have hardly used V7. There are "Beta" versions out for StatsGen and I think also for BadgeGen. When checking new versions one has to be careful not to override the Beta version with the current active version.
  9. The new GSAK V8 (still in BETA) allows you to download your Pocket Queries directly from the site. Much easier then downloading and loading. Or saving from email, and then loading. Another nice feature, is one can do a status check on cashes in a filter. Very nice.
  10. I love c:geo as well. But I don't download PQ to it. Seems to slow it down. But hten again I use a HTC Wildfire, and it is a little under powered. I use my data plan, and get the "live" map, most often. I use it to such an extent that I no longer do HTML exports from GSAK to my phone. I just use c:geo in the field for hint and descriptions when required.
  11. It looks like the domain has been suspended. best is to send GR a PM.
  12. Hi Rensche PM sent. Have a look at Cape Union Mart, at the East Rand Mall. I bought my Garmin Legend HCx there. But there are much better geocaching devices out there. Contact me via skype one evening and I can help you set up your profile pictures
  13. Wow! 5700 for iPajero. Congrats. And Antron also congrats on 2000.
  14. Hmm that is a very good point. Which I think I missed earlier on. If the "we" is a greater set of people outside of South Africa, then that evens out again. Do "we" as (South African cachers) exclude people? To me that is a definite and huge resounding "NO"! In actual fact I would love, and have been trying, to get more South Africans enjoy this game. and I totally agree with Ginger. (after re-reading the original post) one does NOT need to be wealthy in SA to do geocaching. Its open to all who are willing to try it.
  15. Hi Before I carry on, I have a feeling that I am going to be sorry that I posted it here. Please don't read this as a race issue. It is not meant to be that, but it does seem to have a bearing on what I would term "wealthier". I do think "we" (as in Geocachers) are definitely the "wealthier" segment of South Africa playing this game. Sure there is an even more wealthier segments of South Africa. Some who can afford Harlies for their weekends outings, or perhaps have a private aeroplanes for weekends away. etc etc From my observations in the past I have noticed that the "we" I am referring to above are mostly us whitees. I think it was only at the one event hosted by CF at "The Ring" event where this was not the case (Maybe I go to the wrong events?). I know there was the other event hosted by Glider Slider in PTA which I could not go to, but as far as I am aware it did not attract more people to the game. (Please correct me if I am wrong) So "wealthier" in the context as I see it, is the broader South African people. Not just us geocachers who we know and play the game. From: en.wikipedia.org (Don't trust me ... go read it there for your self!!) On this page it states: The median annual income of Black working adults aged 15–65 is ZAR 12,073. That is just over R1000.00 per month! On the same page it states: The median annual income of White working adults aged 15–65 is ZAR 65,000 That is a little over R5,400.00 a month... or just over 5 times the amount. So .... Sorry... but I do think "we" Geocachers (as defined above) are (still) the wealthier portion of our South African society. I do too fondly remember our early days of geocaching, just like Ginger. It was an arrow and a distance. We used to drive through suburbs to a cache, only later to find there was a main road that would have been twice as fast. Those were the best days of caching. However I would not have cached if I only earned R 1000.00 a month. I think my proprieties would be set a little different. As an example: We as the DamhuisClan have travelled just over 26 000 km from cache to cache as the crow flies in the last 5 years. If we work out petrol to be 50c per km, that would mean I have spent just over R13 000 on petrol alone (Realistically its more like R1.00 per caching km) ... or just over a years salary for the first group of people listed above. I would also have thought that with all the GPSes coming out in smart phones, that a broader spectrum of South Africans would start caching. But this does not seem to have happened yet. I do hope though that it soon does. I think there would be some very good and interesting hides possible, that "we" current cachers have not even thought about. Sorry if I stepped on toes, or offended any one .... it is not my meaning.
  16. It would be an easy way to get other countries onto your stats. One could then conceivably log a find in every country in a year. Would that be fair?
  17. Bedankt voor de goede wensen. Thanks to Geo936! Me keeping a diary has come to an end. I wanted to achieve 1000 finds with keeping a diary. I have a few other ideas planned going forward. I now just need to prioritise and see how time goes.
  18. Would you mind sharing your Processing language script? I would like to create a visualisation of our caching encounters.
  19. Hia Bruce Yes Cape Town and that week was amazing. I have not been too diligent with keeping my diary up to date, and am still adding photos and updating the wording for January. So I am currently re-living our outings in Cape Town, and going through the photos again. Its a nice trip down memory lane, and its almost 250 caches ago, and only 8 months.
  20. Thanks Jors ..... To all the others .... just making light of the situation ... please don't start flaming me......
  21. That is the part I still need to learn as well. The best is to open up some other macros in NotePad or something and have a look how the others have done it. Learn by example as such,. The macro language is a little different then I am used to.... reminds me a little of PHP. Currently I am looking at all the functions available. It allows me to create a mind map of what I can and cant do. The list of functions is here It might be better to ask the next set of help on the GSAK forum, as I cant help much with the macro language itself at this stage.
  22. Thanks guys (and gals) It was 5 years 6 days in the making. I hope to get the next 1000 in about 3 years time. ... ... ... or I could just ......
  23. I'll also give the FTF finder a few ours (around 4) to log their find first. For me to wait longer is not really required. And what does it matter. As soon as there are 5 logs, you wont see the 1st one in any case any more with the current web site. Agree with Jors. If you Deliberately mislead others it is wrong. Once place though it would mislead us, is with the stats we do for SA caching. But to date nobody has asked nor wanted to know who has done the most FTFs etc etc. Bottom line, those stats will never be (reliably) known.
  24. In GSAK goto the Tools menu Then select "Show Folders" and then "Database" then click "Show" Then you must go in the directory name as per your Dabase name in GSAK. In this directory you will find a "sqlite.db3" file. That is the database you must use to open up in SQLSpy If you need "realtime" help you can skype me on Anton.Damhuis
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