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  1. Howzit BMW GS geocachers. This years BMW eco challenge is happening from 18 to 21 October in Clocolan. Are there any GS riders who would like to join me on the trip. Do a few caches on the way down, a few during the event and a few back to JHB? Are there any other GS riders going from the other provinces?
  2. Where in Botswana are you planning to stop? If it is close to Gabarone, we might come through for the day. I still need a smiley from that country.
  3. 1 Continent, 3 Countries, 9 Provinces, and 29 of the 52 South African district Municipalities. A little birdie told me there might soon be a second team that will have all 52 South African district Municipalities......
  4. Hi Roland I live 5 minutes from the airport, and can take you to a few caches in the area. We should be able to do about 20 in 4 or so hours. Only thing is I don't want to do the Power Trail, but can take you there if you want to find a few of them. The weekend would suit me better, but let me know what day suits you best, and I'll check with work. If you like I can organise a BBQ and GC event) at our home for the Friday night, then you can log the event as well here in SA. Regards Anton (team DamhuisClan)
  5. When you do the import you need to link the areas to each import. On the "Load GPX" screen there is a "County Update", and "State Update" text box. For Country update enter "YB" For State Update enter "SB" For more info select help, and then in the help file click on each text box for more info. Best thing to do is save these settings (Bottom few buttons) then it will redo each time you load GPX files.
  6. I have a video at home where Discombob was interviewed on some TV show Top Billing I think it was. If I can find it, I can upload it somewhere. Gives a little bit of insight into the (early days) of caching in Cape Town.
  7. This is maybe a better URL to start from: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin
  8. I know of some software which can take OpenStreetMaps and convert them in Garmin readable files. When I last looked at it these maps will not be routable. Here are some links to get you started: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Garmin http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Garmin/eTrex_series http://www.dragon-tortuga.net/blog/?p=496 I must say Garmin is out of their mind to charge around R1500.00 for a new map since there are so many "free" maps available. Like google maps on any and every smartphone. I must be honest and say that if I had to upgrade and pay R 1500.00 I would pirate a map. My last upgrade was R350,00 odd which I could still stomach. Only reason was that the insurance bought me a new GPS and the because of that I got the maps cheaper. As a side note. And I am not sure if I have the whole story.... Someone here in GP bought the new eTrex 30 for R2.200.00 which I thought was a good price, and was considering getting one myself. Problem is it comes only with a base map. If you want the Southern Africa Topo maps, and extra R1500.00 please. So that nice little GPSr will cost you almost R4 K when you are done. And when you buy Android smart phone you get the maps for free. (not Topo though)
  9. It was something about staying in South Africa, and making it a better place. Something about that one must not sit and complain, but get up and do something about it. Something like that.
  10. (got this info from Jors many moons ago) I have a number with MTN. and one can register an email account with them which is: <cell phone numbner>@mtnloaded.co.za When that email account gets an email, you are sent the notification via SMS that a new email has arrived. So with this solution there is no need to poll the server. The problem though is that the SMS notifications do not always come through. But I would say they do 70 to 80% of the time.
  11. Have a look here: http://www.neongeo.c...php?topic=530.0 [Aha. I see this is my 1000th post to the forums]
  12. Oh oh .. .this vaguely rings a bell. I had the same problem I think. I seem to remember I had to do something else first and then come back to neongeo, and then it worked. I'm sure there must have been something on the net I must have read that got it solved for me. I'll see if I can track it down. If I do I'll let you know.
  13. I'll go for Q8, since I worked there for a while.
  14. I am 'Activly' working on this list. This is part of my Geocaching bucket list. (See my profile) I am also thinking of trying to get all 52 odd municipalities on my list by end of 2013. Hope I get to it.....
  15. Mmm, I found the problem, but it is not easy to solve. Some cachers, notably NotBlonde, have duplicate logs; in some cases even triplicate. I want my database to be as complete as possible, but for obvious reasons duplicate finds are a problem. I'll probably have to work through every duplicate and decide which log to delete. Danie: If you are running Verison 8 of GSAK, all you need to do is delete all logs from the cache and then use the API to load all the logs back in again. Quite easy
  16. Who has the most finds per day, excluding the GPS series?
  17. DamhuisClan

    I spy

    Looks like I am the only one up at 7H20, having my first cup of tea for the year. Happy new year to all!
  18. Congrats to TeamSpags on making your first hundred, and completed the first Gauteng WIG with us their 99th.
  19. I'll take a stab, at early '70s. Lets say 1973
  20. Happy the bride who ... doesn't have a geocaching husband.
  21. A bird in the hand ... is the wrong container.
  22. I thought this might be some fun to do.... Have a look at this link . Having read that, please add your own, geocaching based, amendment to one of the entries below. ---------------------------------------------------- Don't change horses ... Strike while the ... the other cachers are sleeping (DamhuisClan) It's always darkest before ... Never underestimate the power of ... You can lead a horse to water but ... Don’t bite the hand that ... No news is ... A miss is as good as a ... You cant teach an old dog new ... If you lie down with dogs, you’ll ... Love all, trust ... The pen is mightier than the ... And idle mind is ... Where there’s smoke there’s ... Happy the bride who ... A penny saved is ... Two’s company, three’s ... Don’t put off till tomorrow what ... Laugh and the world world laughs with you, cry and ... There are none so blind as ... Children should be seen and not ... If at first you don’t succeed ... You get out of something only what you ... When the blind lead the blind ... A bird in the hand ... Better late than ...
  23. If you allow GSAK to make backups each time you exit the app you do have backups of your V7 databases. Just re-install V7 and get one of the V7 backups to restore. The other option is to take the whole V8 databse export all to a GPX file, and import into V7. I did this in the beginning a lot to get data moved between V7 and V8 on my laptop. If you get stuck shout and I'll try and help.
  24. I would guess Bodger are people who who fix 16 seater taxis.
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