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  1. Up for auction here is a lightly used Kenwood TH-D7A(G) version 2.0 handheld transceiver. I have included the description from www.kenwoodusa.com below but I figure if you are looking at this auction you probably know what makes this radio so impressive. I have used its TNC feature with APRS successfully with a Garmin GPS 76 and it works very well with the local APRS repeater. I have always gotten good sound reports from the radio (using the speaker mic primarily). The Battery holds a good charge. I have been using it over the last few days to make sure everything works properly and everything seems fine. I guarantee that the radio will not be DOA but as with any electronics there is no warranty beyond that. 1. Like-New TH-D7A(G) HT 2. PB-39 Ni-Cd Battery 3. BC-17 Wall Charger 4. SMA Antenna 5. Belt Clip (Works on either the PB-39 or BT-11) 6. SMC-34 Three Button Speaker Mic with Volume Control 7. BT-11 AA Battery Pack (For using Alkaline Batteries as a power source) 8. PG-2W Hardwire DC Power Cord 9. GPS Communication Cable (Bare End) 10. Garmin 4-Pin Round Connector kit to build the patch cable for a Garmin unit with this connector type 11. Ram-Mount RAM-HOL-KE1 holder for the TH-D7A 12. Original Documents except the English Manual (I will print a manual from the website and include it with the radio, however it wont be the original unless I find it before the end of this auction) Here is the Auction:Kenwood TH-D7A Also for sale is the matching BC-19 Rapid Drop-In Charger fot the TH-D7A: BC-19 Charger eBay Auction
  2. SOLD! Thanks Rob! Im glad to see it go to another Cacher! Enjoy!
  3. I have a Magellan Meridian Platinum GPS for sale. I am posting it here before it goes up on Ebay. I have had it for about 1 year now and have used it on and off. I am looking now for something smaller so I figuered I would put it up for sale to see of anyone wants it. It is in perfect working order and condition. There is no major signs of wear, scratches or marks on the screen or case. It comes with the Serial cable, the manual on CD, the start-up guide, the Magellan MapSend Topo Version 4.20D, the RAM Mount with 1" ball, and a 64 Mb SD card. I am asking $210.00 Shipped to your door! I will accept Paypal or a Money Order. Here are some pics: If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Info on the unit can be found here: Platinum Manual
  4. I am selling my Streetpilot 2610. Please take a look at my auction if your interested. Thanks! Garmin 2610 Auction
  5. Reserve has been met... it is yours for the taking...
  6. Here it is as promised: My Ebay Listing For Garmin Legend
  7. The Legend is still available. I plan on listing it tonight on Ebay so any last min takers?
  8. + I am selling this unit. It comes with the PC cable, the manuals, and the RAM Mount Cradle for it. I had bought it about a year ago now as a Newly Overhauled unit. It works flawlessly and is in great condition. If you have any interest I am looking to get $125.00 for it. You can e-mail me with any questions and/or offers. There is nothing wrong with it I just have a new handheld. E-mail: aweiss5@twcny.rr.com PS: I forgot to add the Clip Case for the E-Trex as well. Show in the additional picture. PPS: I will be listing it on E-bay tomorrow probably. So let me know if you are interested before it goes up.
  9. I am curious if anyone has tried to load the topo maps to a 2610. I had a Streetpilot 3 and used City Navigator V5 but I could also load Map source POI information. I could not search for the POI info but it was displayed on the maps of the SP3. I was wondering if something similar would happen if I were to load Topo maps onto the 2610. (I don’t have them yet that is why I am asking) Would it use the City Navigator maps but also show the topo contours on the map? Thanks for the help in advance.
  10. Here is my Auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...me=STRK:MESE:IT Take a look if you like! Thanks! Andrew
  11. My question is with regards to Differential GPS correction. Since the Streetpilot III does not have WAAS I was wondering if anyone has taken advantage of the fact that it could use DGPS signal to perform the correction. I was considering giving it a try and I was wondering if anyone has done this and what their results were. (Please don’t tell me I should just get a WAAS GPS like the 2610). Thanks! Andrew
  12. http://www.getfeetwet.com/ go there and look on the left you will see the Etrex Vista for $179.00 after rebates! Now thats a good deal... plus it comes with an extra year warranty. So the Refurbished unit is more backed then the new ones. I have a refurbished Legend and there is no difference and it works great! Hope this makes someone happy! Andrew ESFKids
  13. I have a new E-trex legend... and I was assuming I could load the steet detail maps from my City Select Software from mapsourse that came with my GPS V. I turned off the auto-routing data and I chose maps to load. However it says I have not unlocked the maps for this unit... But I have a full unlock code for the entire US and Canada... Why won't they load onto my Legend?
  14. I have an E-bay auction up right now for my GPS 76. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3056810462&category=34289&rd=1 Thought should post here as well incase someone was interested... ESFKid Andrew
  15. Microsoft streets and trips will allow you to track your location in real-time on the laptop. That way you have the map database of streets and trips, the screen of the laptop and the function of the gps...
  16. Garmin GPS V, 76 and a Magellan Pioneer... and for info a HP jornada 545 and a Jornada 720
  17. I run 2 garmin units. The 76 and the GPS V wount trade them for anything, unless it was newer or better garmins ... I alos have 2 HP jornada handheld PC's... even though I sync via USB I have found that the jornadas some times take cotrol of the Comm port... After setting them straight I was abke to then connect the GPS's no problem to all the differnt software I use. The few litte bumos in the road I have had with my units were usally not their fault and the few times I have contacted Garmin about it they were very helffull in trying to figuere out the isse with me... Love my garmins always will Andrew of ESFkids
  18. This is Simple: 1) "The added memory allows the eTrex Legend to accept downloaded map data from Garmin's entire line of MapSource® CD-ROMs" straight from garmin... SO pick a mapsource product and use it... I currently have Points of interest for my GPS and that is very usefull an I also have The Metro Guide USA which is great and since I use a GPS V has turn by turn.. that is something your ledgend wont do... 2) You need the unlock code when you run the software for the first time. This code proves that you are the owner of the software and it will allow you full access to the software package. This code is typically provided with the software from the start or you can call garmin and unlock it with them when you get the software if It doesnt alrady have the code. This unlock code is alos not on all the MapSource packages... Points Of Interest didnt have one but Metro Guide did... 3) Other companies dont produce software for the unit itself because Garmin has the rights to it. If garmin were to release the code for the unis to general software manufacturers then other companies could easily make other software. Howeve currently Garmin controls that aspect and therefore their software must be used of you want the maps and information. Some other software will simply allow you to upload tracks, routes and waypoints but not actual map inoformation. Hope this answers your questions... Andrew of ESFKids
  19. I use A garmin GPS V and a Garmin GPS 76... both have a Q helix antenna...but the V by far works better under the cover... I rigged up a system on my hiking staff with the 76 and an amplified external antenna... battery drain is a lil faster but I have much better signal anywhere... and when it is unnecessary I can just unplug it and the unit uses its built in antenna.
  20. I have bought numerous things from here and all have ben perfect and arrived quickly. They are big Garmin dealers and have just about everything you can dream of... www.gpscity.com also here is a link to the cable i bought... I dont know what unit you are using but if you find the unit on gpscity scroll down its page and all the accessories will be listed ... good luck http://www.gpscity.com/gps/brados/35124.5.12082712245950825465/garpccombo.html ESFKid- Andrew Call Sign KC2HUX
  21. I have had a GPS V for about 5 months now and the auto routing is terriffic.. I have had no problem with it unless there has been recent construction that the CD obviously couldnt have on it. Otherwise it is dead on and far more accurate then Yahoo or mapquest or any of those. When my V says turn left in 23ft.. it means it... I have it hooked to an external antenna and it does more then I ever hoped it would. I turn it on even when im not routing because it has the next street indicator always runnign so even when im just driving aorund I can always see what is ahead and sometimes that is all you need! GPS V all the way, I also have a GPS 76 (not S or Map) and I use tat as my primary handgeld and for my Kayak... it works well but if a far cry from my V which does it all and more for me!
  22. Have 3 Garmin Units... Love each and Every one... The V, 76, and Etrex... all work perfectly and I have yet to have a problem. (the 76 has been used severly and still works perfectly)
  23. I use a gramin GPS V in my jeep cherokee sport 4door. I have it mounted using a RAM mount above my rear view mirror. It is perfect in size and function. True the memory is slightly limited but I still have a great deal of northern NY loaded into it. abd that is all I need on a given day. Also if you know where you are going you can load the exact route into it ahead of time and the map memory isn't an issue. However since this unit it a handheld as well the screen is not huge. FOr me it is ideal when i check my rear view mirror i check the GPS as well havent any problems like this. But if you are mountingn it farther away maybe the StreetPilot is a better idea.
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