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  1. Wow, how did you every get the idea I had a problem with the Ebay listing? If people want to get one of these coins, for less shipping, this a viable option.
  2. There is a cache up this way that uses a very cool enigma machine simulator. It might help those who are having trouble with the coin. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...08c75&log=y HTH
  3. There is a single Serial Kacher coin on EBay, but the auction ends in 5-1/2 hours. This is a private sale, not endorsed by myself or www.serialkacher.com in any way. http://cgi.ebay.com/Serial-Kacher-Geocoin-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  4. Damb, every pathtag I traded cost almost $1 to ship. Shipping was the same as the tag was worth.
  5. Thanks for the advice Moops Along, always good to hear from an experienced coin collector. We have 2 events coming up in the next few weeks, a significant number of the remaining coins are already spoken for by local cachers who want to pick them up at the events. Coin sales are going well, but we would really like to find a way to get some of them to the US. Seems the cost for the European collectors isn't a problem, but their dollar is substantially higher. BTW... I listed one on ebay, that will be shipped non-trackable, to see how much interest it gets.
  6. Just out of curiosity... What do you usually pay for a single coin to be shipped within the US? It costs us $5.50 to have a single coin shipped to Canada from the US. For 3 coins, the cost jumps to $10.50. Are the shipments trackable? How do you deal with lost shipments? Any constructive advise will be useful so we can try and get the coins out to as many people as possible. Regards, Ron
  7. The whole point is that the reviewed shouldn't need to come back to publish the cache once it has been reviewed. If the cache owner could have control over the publish feature, it would reduce the load on the volunteers. Just make the "Publish" button unavailable until the reviewer has set the cache as approved. The date&time option would make it easier to control cache publishing where there is a large amount of caches to be released.
  8. I'd like to see the feature added to the cache listing page where the cache owner can set the date & time for the cache to be published. The approver would still be required to approve the cache, but the cache wouldn't be published until the time/date criteria has been met. This would make it much easier for the approver when there are lots of caches being released at the same time, as well, it would enable the cache owner to stagger the releases to stop the FTF hounds from cleaning up on the FTF's. I'd love the ability to have my caches released at different time throught the day, but being that the approver is volunteer, we are stuck with the schedule they keep.
  9. I've searched this forum already, and didn't find anything that looked like it was on topic. Do you have the example topics you mentioned handy?
  10. Is there any software or scripts available to log my coin collection into an event in bulk. I would like to show my coins to more people at events, but it takes so long to log them in and out of caches that I don't bother.
  11. ron1337

    date format

    Actually, you need to add Canada, The Philippines, The Federated States of Micronesia, and Palau as using mm/dd/yyyy (Source) But I agree with RK's post...spelling out the month would be acceptable to me. lol, don't add Canada to your list. We use 2007-01-30. We understand the US date system though, same as we understand feet-inch measurements. Per the OP, there are bigger things to fix (like server scaleability) before worrying about date formats.
  12. Just out of curiosity, but is there any way to get the old cache logs into a GPX file. I'm relatively new to caching, and am missing all of the original logs for the older caches (in GSAK). I want to have these logs so I can run some macros to gather statistics on these caches. Any ideas?
  13. All of the coins have arrived at their respective continents. I'll start the clock today, and end it in 1 year from now. Good luck to all the coins.
  14. All of the coins have arrived at their respective continents. I'll start the clock today, and end it in 1 year from now. Good luck to all the coins.
  15. All of the coins have arrived at their respective continents. I'll start the clock today, and end it in 1 year from now. Good luck to all the coins.
  16. Just a short note to tell you at Groundspeak that I really like the Insta-Notify feature. It could be more efficient with a little bit of tweaking on the dialog, but all-in-all it is working very nicely. If you plan any changes to it, I'd like to see the option to select more than one cache type in a query. Currently, you need to create a seperate saved setting for each type of cache you want to watch for.
  17. Great tips, thanks for the help.
  18. Thanks for the offer, but I've sent out all the coins already. Lets see if you can get it once it's released, and help it along on its travels.
  19. Am I missing something, or do we need a special PQ to give us Archived & Disabled caches to keep our GSAK up to date? Is there any way to get this besides purging your GSAK database and reimporting all of the PQ data every time you want to go out hunting?
  20. If you have your coin, just log them as taken from me. I'll email & post once they are all ready to start. Hopefully they will all be ready by the end of the month. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help with the coin distribution. Ron
  21. I use the same GSAK macro as you do to keep my PQ's up to date for my area. I travel out of my region quite often, that is why I prefer to keep the database GSAK set for both Alberta and BC. I realize I could just run a PQ for the region I'm going to be in, but the way I have it set enables me to look for good cache clusters really fast for days when I go out of town/province.
  22. Good point. My BC & Alberta databases aren't nearly that big, and I just run a pocket query for modified caches every few days to keep them up to date.
  23. Do you want this automated or just a simple table? If you automate it, you may have to scrape the stats off of the geocaching.com website on the trackable items page. They may not like that since it looks somewhat like a spam-bot digging for info. An alternative might be to have a form on a web site that you could simply fill in after reviewing the stats for each of the items. The form could then populate the table. I would prefer to have it automatic. If I could get the data down from the GC website, I could process it all in a database that displays the results on the webpage. I though this has probably been done already though, so had to ask. I'll see what GC has to say about it too.
  24. I thought they just didn't support people sharing their GSAK databases. Wouldn't you agree that this would be a more efficient way to access the data though?
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