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  1. Very cool. I'll have to watch for them.
  2. Is the cost restricting the distance your willing to drive to Cache? This thought ran through my mind while checking the listings for caches now that the weather is improving. As for the near future I'll be reducing my searching some too when I'll be in a given area. What are you thinking? Tnx
  3. From the old wisdom of my grandmother in law. "Hard work aint easy."
  4. Thank you. I just retrieved them from my mail box yesterday and will try and get them out soon. Happy e-travels.
  5. What a great idea. Heading out to one of our local favorites tomorrow, will have to send our out from there. Mailed today. From the location. We love it there. Come north.
  6. No problem, thanks for the contest. Good luck.
  7. I believe I have 2 Hackey Sacks, and ear plugs are no problem how many do you need?
  8. It is a bit out of my regular area, but I would hope we could keep it active. If no other takers closer than me, we may adopt it.
  9. Cool idea. 235 finds. 7 DNF Good luck and happy hunting.
  10. I just picked mine up from the PO. I'll do my best to release it soon, a major snow storm is predicted for the next 2 days. May have to search out a snow friendly cache for it. Thanks for the coin, for such a great cause.
  11. Here is two of our Geomutts. Battle on the left, & Doug on the right.
  12. If you would like to have one start on the US's east coast, S.E. MA near Plymouth would naturally be a great place to start. Thank you.
  13. With my limited experience, I would suggest logging all TBs as spotted in XXX cache if you did not take them. This keeps their log updated, and may help with the loss of them.
  14. I found one local to me that was disguised micro in the woods. It was a large water cooler painted black, and covered with a camo cloth. You could easily walk right by and miss it.
  15. Thanks for the cointest. I grew up on the local sodas. This is my favorite. http://www.polarbev.com/Portals/0/products/prod_cream.jpg
  16. My guess is 63. Thank you.
  17. I guilty. However, many TB & coins have gone missing with out being logged around my area. I do try to leave them in a cache that is visited a bit more often with the hope of them not getting stolen. I will leave them when I find a good one to leave them in. I also log any coins / TB's to try and prevent them being stolen.
  18. Inventory of Historic Light Stations Massachusetts Lighthouses Back to Inventory - Home Page Back to Inventory - List of Massachusetts Lighthouses BUTLER FLATS LIGHT State: MASSACHUSETTS Location: NEW BEDFORD CHANNEL / ACUSHNET RIVER Nearest City: NEW BEDFORD County: BRISTOL U.S.C.G. District: 1 Year Station Established: 1804 Butler Flats Light Photo by Jeremy D'Entremont Existing Historic Tower: * Year Light First Lit: 1898 * Is the Light Operational? YES (PRIVATE AID TO NAVIGATION) * Date Deactivated: N/A * Automated: 1978 * Foundation Materials: CAST IRON/CONCRETE CAISSON * Construction Materials: BRICK * Markings/Patterns: WHITE TOWER/BLACK BASE & LANTERN * Shape: CONCIAL ON CYLINDRICAL BASE * Relationship to Other Structures: INTEGRAL * Tower Height: 53 * Original Optic: FIFTH ORDER, FRESNEL * Year Original Lens Installed: * Present Optic: RB-300 MAXLUMINA ROTATING BEACON * Year Present Lens Installed: 1998 * Height of Focal Plane: 53 * Fresnel Lens Disposition: * Has tower been moved? NO Previous Tower(s): * 1. Construction Date: * Description: * Fate/Disposition: Modern Tower? NO Existing Sound Signal Building? NO * Fog Signal Type: (INACTIVE) Existing Keepers Quarters? YES * Year Constructed: 1898 * Number of Stories: 0 * Architectural Style: INTEGRAL * Construction Materials: BRICK Other Structures: NONE Current Use: PRIVATE AID TO NAVIGATION Owner/Manager: U.S. COAST GUARD LEASE TO CITY OF NEW BEDFORD Open to the Public? NO Web Site: National Register Status: LISTED; Reference #87001528 Name of Listing: BUTLER FLATS LIGHT (LIGHTHOUSES OF MASSACHUSETTS TR) On State List/Inventory? YES; Year Listed: Miscellaneous: REPLACED LIGHT AT CLARK'S POINT; DESIGNED BY F. HOPKINSON SMITH; REPLACEMENT LIGHT BUILT ON BREAKWATER IN 1975
  19. I know this is a repeat, I'll think of another. This is was my guess. I was their about a month after this picture was taken what a sight. Is well worth the trip. Just book the trip and go, any time of the year.
  20. Sent my entry. Good luck all. Thanks for the cointest.
  21. FugateFaction, I see that your from Ohio and these may be too far for you. But here is what I found locally. The idea sounds like a lot of fun. I need to get the license. This one is in MA. GC1E080 This one is in RI GC1B8ZH
  22. They can get creative, Their are many locations of different sizes that can hold different types of containers. I've seen film cans, magnetic key holders, peanut butter jar size anything. A guard rail my also be used for something else other than along side the road. I did one and it was made into another type of functional lawn furniture in a near by park. GL
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