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  1. Maybe they don't know how to log that they picked it up. a LOT of people fail to log trackables because they don't know how or they just plain forget. It has only been about a week. I am sure they are not keeping it to make you mad. It will turn up eventually don't worry.
  2. the best thing to do when you are putting out a trackable...include directions of how to "pick up" or "drop" trackables...etc. Most of the reasons why they go missing is failure to log the trackable. You could put your TB in a plastic baggy with a piece of paper explaining how to log and please remember to do so...etc. That will really help.
  3. I was wondering if there was a way without purchasing the tracking bug, to just get a code and put it on your item. Or do you actually have to buy the tracking bug? I would just rather etch the code on my little bobblehead, and maybe put it in a plastic baggy with a paper stating that that was a trackable item. Are we allowed to do this?
  4. I'm a little confused. Not sure what you are talking about here. Is it relevant to my question?
  5. If you also wand bold faced fonts font For larger fonts font For bold fonts For larger font have fun but ll these things add time toyour loging so I do not use these functions on all my logs what?
  6. Aw, quit clowning around! While you're posting, do you see the fonts and sizes above the text area? Just to the right is a color palette logo. Click it & a choice of colors appears. Click your choice and go! no I am talking about in logs...for geocaches. Not forums. When I submit a log there is not color or size or anything to.
  7. Pics of the finished cache, ready to place. The door on the front cannot be opened until you solve the puzzle. The first three tiles are fixed in place. Instructions in the cache box. The last three tiles have strong magnets in them to unlock the latch. (thus the need to alphabetize the tiles.) A large Lock-N-Lock will live there. This is brilliant. Wish I had your kind of creativity. Where is this cache? I want to visit this cache... maybe see if some of my family can do it.
  8. Now that's just plain evil> .... Good one I don't see it.
  9. Is 100 too many geocaches to put out? I would guess the most a hardcore geocacher would hide, would be around 40. What is it?
  10. I want to start a collection of some of the best geocaches or geocache containers. Please try to include pictures.
  11. Thanks for your input, but I am more looking for an old container of some sort around the house that I would normally throw away. I don't really want to spend much for a container. Consider the number of times you will have to go to replace or dry out the logbook if you use a crappy cache container vs. using something that will last and ask yourself if it is worth the savings. Waterproof match container. 99 cents at Walmart. It will save you numerous cache maintenance trips. Heck, PM me and I will send you some decent containers. Please don't use crappy cache containers for your own sake and that of those who will be hunting your caches. ok will definitely be thinking about getting a match container. Didn't know they were so cheap
  12. Thanks for your input, but I am more looking for an old container of some sort around the house that I would normally throw away. I don't really want to spend much for a container.
  13. Gee I sure hope you took the lighter out too LOL Why? It isn't likely to be at all hazardous anymore. It contains lighter fluid...how is it not?
  14. haha I see some sort of license in there as well.
  15. I am looking to hide a cache. I was thinking of using an old carmex lip balm container...cleaned out of course. Would that be a good container to use? Or will it leak? Any other suggestions for containers from household items I can use would be helpful. Thanks.
  16. Do you know of any gps apps that are more accurate for the android?
  17. Hello, I fairly new and I want to place a cache. I don't have an actual gps and I don't have the money to buy one. I usually use 2 different apps to do my geocaching...the official Groundspeak one, and c:geo. I have the apps for my android phone. I know it is not really accurate...how do I get an accurate reading to place my cache?
  18. I am want to put a cache out and I need to know how far away in feet and meters please
  19. The app didn't show up in the Google play store So I don't think it is for android users. I would really like to find a good app for this as I do not have a gps.
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