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  1. BUT then of course, when they are describing an elevation BENCHMARK along a railroad, station may mean the (long gone) RR station in a town? In JD0474 it is spelled out, JC1034 and KD0086 however leave it rather undefined. Everybody loves benchmarks more!
  2. I am not a surveyer and the 3 questions that I have had thus far: quote: 1) Are finally going to look into this water polution? -- while I searched for a benchmark on a box culvert. quote:2) What exactly is that thing? -- about a steel rod under an access cover. quote:3) Will that disk help my surveyer with a property survey he is doing? -- another benchmark disk on a box culvert. Less than one question per 100 survey marks is not that bad. Everybody loves benchmarks more!
  3. happycycler


    Beats me! I seldom know what I am doing. I don't think that I am doing anything different now.... Everybody loves benchmarks more!
  4. About time for a BUMP! Everybody loves benchmarks more!
  5. I live in an urban area with other active benchmark searchers. I have visited many marks that were already logged in order to (almost) complete my city/county political subdivision (Found, DNF or Note). Now I am attempting the same thing in the adjoining political subdivision. Also as others have mentioned, when visiting out of town I make up a list to search for and include both found and not found marks. And last weekend I could not find a disk that another GeoCacher had found within the past year. So previously found ones can still challenge me. Everybody loves benchmarks more!
  6. AND thank you Rogbarn for keeping us statistically up-to-date! Everybody loves benchmarks more!
  7. 40001 benchmarks recovered so far. Only 696424 to go! I saw this @ ~ 9:10PM CDT Everybody loves benchmarks more!
  8. I got a few today....every little bit helps? Everybody loves benchmarks more!
  9. Thanks for the link. That is an awesome recovery and teh guy writes well also. Everybody loves benchmarks more!
  10. I found a badly disturbed azimuth mark today. Take a look at AA8706. About 2 to 3 inches of the concrete post are still attached to the disk. At least no one will have to search around if they were going to use this azimuth mark. Everybody loves benchmarks more!
  11. I can't help. I have always gotten that "page expired" message with the back button when updating datasheets on the NGS site. (I use IE 6.0) Everybody loves benchmarks more!
  12. But see PID GG0413 for one that is in the NGS and GeoCaching databases. I recently visited it. I am also aware of PID JC1722, which is on private property and I need to get permission before searching for it.
  13. A multi that includes a virtual sounds like fun to me. It is too far away for me to hunt though.
  14. Dutchduane -- there have been some threads on Airway Beacons earlier. I found two by going back to pages 3 & 4: Airway_beacons and more Airway_beacons On the radar use? Does that mean I would be in danger of getting a *TOO SLOW* ticket if I benchmark in Alabama?
  15. Well I believe that the USGS does some wildlife monitoring -- so if he was from USGS maybe he is concerned about a future job reorganization? I found this site the other day: amphibian_monitoring. The page has a USGS Banner at the top....
  16. Thank you Dutchduane for the info. I had hopes that someone here would know the answer that I sought. The most recent find was NGS (GOOD) 1963 which makes sense in light of your answer. Thanks jeff35080 too -- at least you responded. I also had some vague feeling of having seen.heard something about that form of navigation being superceded. Oh and BTW I thought that RADAR ws still being used somewhere.
  17. Yesterday I unsuccessfully searched for JD2522 -- COLUMBIA RAD RNG MCEN OF 5. I did not find it and have logged a NOT FOUND. But my question is: Is Radio Range still used for aerial navigation in the U.S.?
  18. duplicate post -- I don't know how to delete! [This message was edited by happycycler on August 18, 2003 at 02:18 PM.]
  19. On a trip last weekend to Tulsa, OK I visited GG0413. It is an unremarkable disk but I was interested that it is used both as a section corner (cadastral) by the county surveyer and as an elevation benchmark (geodetic) by DOD and NGS. I know that other such multi-use marks exist but this was the first that I have had a chance to visit.
  20. I have not found or even looked for:JC1580 but it sounds as though it is inadvertantly an inside mark now.
  21. I just received my Metered Detector (Metal Detector) from American Science & Surplus < WWW.SCIPLUS.COM > I took it out into the yard and soon found a 4 X 3/8 inch bolt (about 2 inches down in dirt), 2 small nails, a cultivator tine (1.5 inch down), a twisted wire splice, ear-ring parts and even a tiny piece of tinfoil (which was near surface). The sensitivity seems fine for a cheap device. I have not looked for any buried benchmarks yet but am satisfied with the detector which cost $47.90 with shipping. Now I need to try to remember which NOT FOUND benchmarks in my list might be worth another visit. My treasures thus far: Thanks Warm Fuzzies - Fuzzy for the lead on this.
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