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  1. This past weekend I finally got out to visit both the 1990 center of population marker HC1137 and the 2000 center of population AJ3110. Since AJ3110 is too young for the GeoCaching database, I hung a couple of pix on my log for HC1100 which is just on the North side of the Edgar Springs, MO cemetery from AJ3110. Both of these markers are nicely done in areas that can be easily visited.
  2. Anyone else interested in visiting St.Louis for this? See Also
  3. As a Benchmark Hunter (strictly amature) I appreciate photos and also other's GPS coordinates for the scaled marks. In a couple of cases I would not have found the mark without other's GPS readings. These were in areas that I was just visiting, I had no local knowledge and the scaled coordinates were off quite a ways. Rogbarn's area photos have allowed me to "place myself in the picture" and therefore find a few marks also. Nateminy's idea about using rubbings is great!
  4. Congrats Trailblazer! Great find. Keep it up.
  5. Looks like I have 29 types plus one (1) NOT LISTED and five (5) SEE DESCRIPTION.
  6. Yeah nateminy! Go for it! I will enjoy reading your log and viewing your photos.
  7. I decided to not go after HC1044 as it sounded like a poor chance. I would say that it is probably easy enough to get to but not worth it. I did the tower, HC1045 instead and we also did the nearby cache MO highest while we were there.
  8. Congrats on the finds! I have found only a few from the 1920s.
  9. ArtMan, I do not know of any database that lists lat/long coordinates of cemeteries but someone could start one. I just visited triangulation station BOONE (JC1472) which is near a small and very neglected cemetery. I also recall visiting a couple of other Missouri marks that are near cemeterys. I also have somewhere, coordinates of daughter-in-laws moms grave in Jefferson Barracks cemetery and the corners of a lot in Bellefountain cemetery that we looked up for a genealogical guy from internet. I could share what I have if anyone is interested....
  10. Me too Klemmer!! & I retired from there -- a few years back....
  11. Another point from this amateur: IF benchmarks and horizintal control points are not important, THEN why does soemone spend so much time, paint and ribbon marking and placing stakes near NGS disks? I estimate that well over 1/2 of the marks that I find have paint. ribbons or wooden stakes nearby. Of course probably I can only find those easy ones that are well marked.
  12. Best Lil Ole benchmark in Texas? I sure don't have anything to compare / compete with that one!
  13. happycycler

    I Quit!

    Sometimes I feel like being burned out, but then I find a 1913 USGS pipe cap or some other interesting mark. Maybe I will burn out if I ever find number 500? Time will tell.............
  14. Our first T.B. ( Tigger ) ALMOST reached his goal but is now apparently MIA. (The tales in here of others that have resurfaced does give me some slight hope though....)
  15. Welcome Pschtyckque!! and Congrats. to Trailblazer!!
  16. Congrats. on that find! In my limited experience, benchmark disks that old are few in number. Great photo and the log tells what you found -- good job all-around. You log should help the next searcher.
  17. YAY, YAY & YAY for Trailblazer!! He just passed me up again! I bet he has over 500 benchmark finds SOON!!
  18. Looks and sounds GREAT!
  19. Yes ALgeocacher! Way To Go!!
  20. Welcome Karlsurveyor to Benchmarking! As for the lunch report.... I have been know to report a good PLACE to buy lunch -- when I find a special one.... A recent pipe cap find of mine is:HB1790 A pipe cap in excelent shape: JC0574 Apparently there were various river surveys in the St. Louis, MO vicinity. We have many pipe caps listed -- but I have only found a few thus far.
  21. THREE CHEERS for GEO*Trailblazer!! and for all of you folks who are doing all of this finding!! Way to Go!
  22. Oh OK!!! Congrats to Buckey & Me!! I see 1053 benchmark logs for "them"! Great Job!!
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