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  1. or sundance at least a laser rangefinder? & what about some benchmarking friends with strong backs? (To carry the instruments?)
  2. Would COS(my latitude) X 6ft. give a useful approximation?
  3. A rectangle that includes all of Magellan's Mapsend Topo for Missouri fits into a 32MB SD card in my Magellan Meridian Gold.
  4. If you use a dial in/up modem, could the different IP address cause confusion for the login software? I know that I generally have a different IP address each time I dial in.
  5. That "X" might work for controlling low altitude areial photos? I would think that it would show up. But is that still done?
  6. MicroDEM is free. It accepts USGS data along with many other formats.MicroDEM site I have used it to display USGS DEMs & DRGs but have not tried the GIS functions.
  7. I found 2 similar things that I assumed were damaged benchmarks. Unfortunately they were scalled locations and very close together. The distance between them may be less than the error in the scaled location and my Magellan Merigold. I really do not know which is which!PID=JC1223 and PID=JC1224
  8. BTW you can use EasyGPS to download cache &/or benchmark coordinates (lat. & lon.) from www.geocaching.com/ which saves some typing (& typos in my case.) I also enjoy GPStrackmaker, it is free and the link is:www.gpstm.com
  9. I just got my meridian gold and mapsend topo. I wonder if Magellan will give em a break on price of new & revised Topo?
  10. Have you looked at EasyGPS? It is free and gives you some waypoint transfer and editing. If interested take a look at:www.easygps.com I use it with a Brunton MNS which has no mapping.
  11. Thank you ALL! I really appreciate your information. I am new at this -- does it show? LOL It did not look like it would work but I trusted that they sent the right stuff. But now I do have a Meridian Gold to keep my Brunton company -- even if I still can't get those little topo maps into the Gold yet. THANK YOU!! happycycler
  12. Thank you folks. I do not see how it can fit in there -- maybe it is the wrong size? Any other experience out there. I wish Magellan had pictures....
  13. Just received my new Meridain Gold this afternoon. The 32MB memory card that Vanns sent is marked "Garmin". I read the user's manual about installing it BUT, I am worried if Magellan & Garmin cards are the same? The little black "thing" with the "Garmin 32MB data card" label seems too long & thick to fit? Is there more disassemble involved? Thank you, happycycler
  14. Today I logged No Find for JC1223 & for JC1224. I could not say that I found them since no disks were found, they are very close together, have scaled coordinates and none of the landmarks from the description have survived. A third one in the area JC1222 still has a disk that is mostly readable. I guess that they could be used for some purposes IF one could be sure which was which. However JC1222 may be all that is needed in that area now that the navigation lock has moved down river?
  15. Based on the description, I would look for a mark at ground level. Sometimes a ground level mark gets covered up by dirt and vegetation. I would expect that your GPSr (if you use one) might get you close since the coordinates are adjusted from a geodetic survey. In my limited benchmark searching, I have also found that not all landmarks listed in older descriptions have survived down to the present time. More experienced searchers will have other & better suggestions. Good luck & keep having fun!
  16. I also use http://irfanview.tuwien.ac.at/.
  17. I bought a Brunton MNS GPS -- I found the link to geocaching while looking for software on teh web. Maybe on the easyGPS site?
  18. I agree that a GPSr does not always help. My Brunton GPS died and has been returned for resurection. But I am still finding some benchmarks. I print out the description and probably a Topozone or Mapquest map. I should also take a compass, but I do use the map to orient myself to get rough idea of directions.
  19. Thanks all for the info. -- especially the use of azimuth marks. I have found 2 or 3 of those & seen others described. Thanks to this thread I now know a bit more about the objects of my new hobby (benchmarks).
  20. Thank you for your thoughts. I have logs of a stack and a church. I prefer to search for disks but some of the older "benchmarks" in St. Louis are church spires, etc.
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