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  1. I have been searching for a while and haven't found the answer yet ... I have a Palm Pilot Tungsten E series and was wondering if there was a way to download caches into it? It's an older palm I have had lying around and thought I would try and put it to use. Currently I am able to cut and paste information into the address book but still looking for an easier way. I have looked at GSAK forums and was not able to find anything there either.


    I am able to load my caches onto my Garmin e-trex legend HCx but don't know how to load my finds back onto the computer.


    Still Learning ... Thanks



    Older Palm you had lying around? That thing's not old at all!! It will work just fine for Geocaching. And the "Palm Pilot" was a specific model that was introduced in 1997, and is ancient history. Don't worry though, they're never going to shake that Palm Pilot moniker. :o


    Yes, Cachemate as suggested. Personally, I never tried it, I just go with Plucker. this is not Geocaching specific by any means, but allows you to view web pages on the Palm. Works great with Geocaching.com pages, or any webpage, for that matter.

  2. I am a bit comfused also as map overlays and satellite imagery are two different data types.

    Oz was probably refering to the ability of the CO, OR & DK units to rename the gmapsupp.img file which MapSource creates to anyname.img (.img is the critical part). Then you can later have MapSource create another gmapsupp.img from another mapset (or more than one as SamSpade47 replied) and rename it. Do this as many times as you like. By this method, you can also remove a mapset without the need to have MapSource rebuild from all the other mapsets.


    Might the above trick also work on the eTrex Legend HCx? Or am I generally limited to only one map? (I do have Missouri & Midwest FREE topos loaded on one micro SD card - without doing any renaming. But now I would like to load several different states on another different micro SD card - either from the FREE site or from Garmin's USA topo 1:100K DVD. That way I hope to change cards depending on where I plan to travel.)

    Thank you

  3. I prefer Benchmarks but do some GeoCaches with my wife or when the Cache is a micro and within walking (or short bicycling) distance of home. (My wife prefers the larger Caches with "treasures" to trade!)


    I log Benchmarks with GC and only occasionally log with NGS -- generally if I find a mark that "needs work" or if someone has logged a DNF with NGS.

  4. Thanks CallawayMT for directing me to this thread. I looked thru my finds and have come up with a partial list of MORC and other survey marks near St. Louis, MO.

    Some MORC survey marks:


    JC1008 pipe cap, monumented = UNK, in Chamois, MO, GOOD

    JC0585 bolt, monumented = UNK, in Washington, MO, GOOD

    JD0439 pipe cap, monumented = UNK, in Boonville, MO, Cap gone--pipe OK

    JC0512 pipe cap, monumented = UNK, in Chesterfield, MO, GOOD


    ?Mississippi River Commission OR Missouri River Commission?


    JD2637 pipe cap, monumented =1949, in Boonville, MO, FAIR--triangle missing

    (pipe cap says Missouri, description says Mississippi)


    Illinois River Survey:


    * >KC0554 3 CAP 39 02 47. /090 33 31. D* NOT in GeoCaching database--only in NGS database--NO description

    JC0574 pipe cap, monumented =1903, near Pere Marquett S.P., IL, GOOD

    KC0146 pipe cap, monumented =1903, Eldred, IL -- GOOD


    USE pipe cap:


    HB1790 pipe cap, monumented =1931, Ft. Kaskaskia S.P., IL, GOOD

  5. Thanks folks for the helpful links. I just got interested in finding out about the old Timberlake placer mining operation in Moffat county, Colorado. Wife's ancestor ws involved with it "after 1892". We have an old photo which may be of that area. Next summer I would like to try to find it. So any other ideas on finding out old mine claims?



  6. I don't find your mystery disk in either GeoCaching or the NGS databases. I suspect that you have already done a radial search from your coords but here is what I got:

    from GeoCaching:


    NK0586 0mi NW BLACK IA survey disk

    NK0580 1.1mi SE REBAR 1202 IA metal rod

    NK0115 2.4mi NW G 11 IA bench mark disk


    from NGS: http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/datasheet.prl


    |Dist|PID...|H V|Vert_Source|Approx.|Approx..|Stab|Designation

    |----|------|- -|-----------|-------|--------|----|-----------

    | 0.0|NK0586|2 .|29/VERT ANG|N421941|W0923052|....|BLACK

    | 2.4|NK0115|. 1|88/ADJUSTED|N422103|W0923258|C...|G 11

    | 1.1|NK0580|2 .|29/VERT ANG|N421916|W0922941|D...|REBAR 1202


    I do notice however that the disk that you seek is subsurface.




    Maybe you woudl want to try to locate the reference marks first to get some idea where to start digging? Good Luck!

  7. Welcome aboard!!


    Some earlier thoughts: 100/100 club from this forum.


    So I guess numbers don't matter much, I do just love going out and finding things with my gpsr, whether caches or benches...


    PSST -- please don't tell anyone but I like numbers! :D I wish that my numbers were more impressive. ;) But I also enjoy getting out for a search. The history involved, and the changes that have happened since some marks were set also intrigue me.


    It is a hobby! I think that we each define our own rules and I would hope that we each find enjoyment in this pursuit.

  8. JC1171 was one of my earlier finds. It is a scaled mark and I was still religiously following my GPS at the time. I had not started trying to read the descriptions yet and had not leared about the inaccuracy of many scaled locations. On this one, I leaned my bicycle against the flood wall and followed my GPS around for a while. I expanded my search area and looked again. After I had given up and returned to the bicycle -- I noticed a vertically mounted benchmark about 3 feet from my handlebars. :o Needless to report it was the mark that I had been searching for.
  9. Congrats seventhings for passing me up!! Great Job!! <_<


    First two finds on 10/23/02

    My first search was a few days earlier, I did not take the description along and could not use the GPS yet. (And the survey stations did have ADJUSTED coordinates.)


    All Found Logs = 756

    All Logs = 1298 (includes Found, NOT Found and Notes)


    Approx. 58% find rate -- and remember that I only search for the easy ones, I increasingly become more of a *drive by* specialist. :blink:

  10. Approximately 1% of my benchmark finds have been near a cemetery. But thus far no benchmarks have been listed near a cemetery where we were doing geneological research. We rarely find anyone around the small rural cemeteries where I benchmark or where we do geneology. Not sure how many ghosts were there however....

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