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  1. Membership Member ID801233 Membership: Premium Member Since: Sunday, August 20, 2006 Premium Membership Expiration Date Thursday, June 11, 2015 As you can see I am still a premium member but premium member caches are not available to me... Any suggestions?! Thanks Nate
  2. AGREED the new search feature seems to not beable to find much of what Im looking for namely GEOACHES by name!
  3. FIX for some of you: I'm on 64 bit Windows 8. I had GC software version 1.0 on my device. I installed version 1.7 like the website instructed me to before I installed version 2.5. Well, when I did install version 1.7 my pc could no longer see my magellan gc device... I was NOT ABLE to run the 2.5 install cause it couldn't see it... YEAH FRUSTRATING RIGHT! well one suggestion worked for me. I booted the device into disk access mode and then Installer for 2.5 was then able to see the device and UPATE the device. Once I had updated my Magellan GC device to 2.5 windows was able to see it again normally. SO thanks for the advice! Here it is again:
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