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  1. Not much to laugh for me in the last time while walking from one doctor to the next So it was a quite hard time for me and my family, but yesterday the postman...or better the package that he brought made me really smile and sing (ask my family...i really sang christmas songs ) I tried to wait until christmas, but after two hours i just couldn`t wait any longer . This was an amazing package. Not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE coins and as good as all of them from my seeking-list But that was not the best in the package...there were selfmade cookies....MJAMMMII (I haven't tried them yet, but i really think they taste great...anyhow they smell as if they do ) There also were two little fir branches with little bells and Christmas decoration on them. Sorry for the quality of the pictures... A veeeeeeryyyy big Thank you Chur, your package really brought the Christmas spirit back to our house It's over a day, that the package arrived, but i still take it as good as every two hours, open it, look at it, smile,pack it again, put it back under the tree and look forward to open it again This was an amazing package Chur...I can't say how much i like it ...THANK YOU! and Merry Christmas
  2. With a little help from Santa it will arrive in time
  3. Maybe this could be the chance to find one of the Geocoin Collecting Geocoins i need to complete my collection of my favourite coins Fingers crossed to find one of them here
  4. Wauwiie, congrats on this wonderful mission lorca. Can anyone tell me, how the gold coin is called?
  5. Never saw sth like this before. Has this really happened?
  6. Wenn du mit S.F. die Initialen meinst, dann stimmt das Ich hab mal im geocoin forum user adress book nachgeguckt. English version : I looked in the geocoin forum user adress book and i seems like S.F. is Krazytrolls
  7. Same here. I haven't recieved a name, too!
  8. The coins, which you buy are yours to keep, trade, activate...etc. But the ones you find in caches are supposed to travel They belong to their ownders and have a mission. You are not allowed to keep them. But with your own coins you can do what you want.
  9. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! A new mystery coin giver? Can't wait to see pics of your coin and read the storys of the lucky recipients
  10. Here in germany it's called "Nikolaus" und it's celebrated on december 6th
  11. E-mail sent: 12/03/09 Name Received: Coin Sent: Coin Received:
  12. And another special coin-giver: Y.A.S.S.!
  13. Went to the customhouse today. They thought it was sth. i purchased in the USA and as i said it is a birthdaypresent they didn't believe me After a discussion I was able to take the package home And i must say: This is the most amazing mission-package i've ever seen I can't describe all the stuff in there...it's just too much ....But i will try it if i post the pictures I try to take some picturen in the afternoon and post them later I'm still totally happy and amazed about this great birthday mission. Can't thank you enough Finamore Family
  14. Today i recieved a letter from the customhouse. They have my birthday mission and i have to go there and fetch it. They want me to pay sth. for it.
  15. The person who sent it to you virtual drops it in a cache near your home-coords and you virtual pick it up and place it in a cache near the home-coords of the next recipient
  16. And this is the nightmare of all children: An evil santa
  17. A chocolate santa....i would like to meet him in person
  18. Congrats Vanelle, you really deserve it
  19. I'm glad it arrived in time and you like it Great pictures And: Happy Birthday
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