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  1. Dolly Wendy Naomi And now it's time to go to bed in germany
  2. For some reasons i wasn' able to get one of these, so they went on my wishlist
  3. Carrol Hilary Hermine (like the girl in Harry Potter...)
  4. Don't worry...it's definetly on it's way
  5. 1.) Sammy / Samantha 2.) Sandy 3.) Jules Congrats on your new car
  6. That will be me? offering this to next poster TB3AA9C Adoption request sent. Hope it will have a safe journey Thanks for this great mission
  7. Just finished the adoption. Thank you murphyrulez. Now TB37599 is up for adoption for the next poster Thank you again Maine Family
  8. Request sent, Santa is flying through the interweb pipelines making his way to Germany as we speak!!! I have not recieved an adoption request
  9. Dark Elf do you want the adoption???? It's Christmas Eve someone hurry!!! I would be proud to adopt it
  10. Recieved my mission today from the other yooper....perfect timing. WOW, the card is great and the coin is even one from my seeking-list: A 2007 FSM antique gold I'm really happy about this great surprise. Thank you very much the other yooper and merry christmas
  11. I forgot to tell you a story. At november 22th a mysterious voice in my head told me to turn on the computer, so i turned it on. I visited some websites, but after 10 minutes the voice inside my head told me to check my mails.....and what did i find? A message, that The Cache Reaper has visited a cache just 14 km from my homecoords. I was shocked,,,,what if the coin isn't there anymore? What if another cacher was faster than me? But the mysterious voice told me to calm down and go to the cache. Said....done. As i arrived in the little, dark forest, where the cache was, a stormy wind started to blow. I was a little bit frightend, but the voice in my head told me again to walk to the cache, so i did. I opened the little cache container and looked at the logbook....and he was really there....The Cache Reaper. But....huh....where is the coin? And the last time this day the voice in my head told me to kneel down and look under the construction, which holds the container. And now guess, what i found there....A Cache Reaper Coin. The voice in my head whispered "congratulation", the wind did a heavy blow and then calmed down. I never heared the voice before this day and i think i will never hear it again. And all this happened atGC1ZTPW Thank you Cache Reaper And congrats Bell Witch on your own coin...it's beautiful I hope you two and of course every other cacher on the world has a great christmas
  12. I'm quite confused---which one is the actual one?
  13. My favorite christmas memory was two years ago. I had to go to the hospital on december 18th because my appendix had to be extirpate. The docotrs said, that i definetly would be home on the 24th. But on 23th they had to operate again, because there were some troubles. I was quite sad and angry, because i didn't want to spend christmas in the hospital. But then, in the evening the hole family and some friends came and brought presents, Christmas decoration and food. They all sat around my bed and sang and talked and we had a lot of fun. Because i couldn't be at home for christmas, they brought christmas to me in the hospital. I was really touched, because i was not alone at christmas and they all came to celebrate it with me. I don't exactly remeber the presents we had that day, but the biggest present was, that they were there. I will never forget this christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!
  14. Congrats on your own cooooin The Bell Witch
  15. I got a mail from...let's say a friend...which asked me, if i have a coin for this mission And maybe after christmas i will find one to activate and send out. Watch out for my next post in this thread
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