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  1. Would like to join, too. Sent a mail from my google-mail-account
  2. Cowboys 27, Vikings 31 I don`t know much about football...
  3. I think in principle it`s a good idea. But there are some cachers, who log one or more of their own coin in every cache they make and it would be very annoying for these people to get a note every time they log it in and out.
  4. Thanks for the nice cointests surteb and congrats to the winners
  5. That`s a nice coin. I really like the design Great job
  6. wohoo murphyrulez, congrats Great to see the bug go around and bite people
  7. GATOULIS my friend, you really deserve one of this coin. I hope you will have a great year 2010 And "May the Force be with you"
  8. Great to see this two mission move on and on all over the world
  9. Can you post a photo of the coin? Never heard of this one
  10. Please do not write your e-mail-adress here. Try to contact Maine Family
  11. Wow, congrats Toojin. that looks like a good sign for the new year
  12. Where did you purchase the DVD? Maybe there are more informations on the site where you purchased it.
  13. Do we get a response, if our answer was right?
  14. PM sent. Let's see, if it was the right answer
  15. Wauwiiie, wonderful coin Bell Witch. Of course i would like to find one. Maybe....sometime.... Congrats on your great personal coin
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