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  1. Two more great coins in todays mail A neptunes compass from Modelcitizen and a Brahean from Greenish
  2. Jihuuuu...my first mathtrade coins arrived today from australia Received an Earth turtle 2009 & a Karma 2010 Thanks for the beautiful coins gardengorilla
  3. Mailers sent: Li-Z (1) Bennieboys (1) Greenish (1) Turlutortue (1) kini_ont (2) Coins received: nefesh (1) Greenish (1) Modelcitizen (1) scificollector (1) gardengorilla (2)
  4. Good to hear that ModelCitizen & gardengorilla are preparing the mailers...then half of the coins i traded for are on their way B) And i can even see one of them at the picture Went to town today to buy some mailers, because i didn't have enough at home
  5. Just got the mail... 2 times Canada 2 times the netherlands and 1 time australia
  6. I hope we are being sent mailing addresses...my internet is still not reliable (supposedly, the phone/internet is getting fixed tomorrow - not sure if I will get that lucky, since it is supposed to snow again starting today)...it would take me a couple of trips to a hotspot to send emails requesting addresses from people, and then to check to see if I received them. With the next snowstorm due to start at any time, I just don't see that happening for me. If you are one of the folks that I owe a coin to, please be patient (we might be digging out again tomorrow). If you send me your mailing address (thru our GC profile please), than that might expedite your coin delivery. Maybe they are in the geocoin forum adress book. That would be easier to look up
  7. I have not expected that anybody wants one of my coins. And now? I will get one coin from each of my groups Woppiiiiiiieeeeeee Can't wait to see them Thanks E&Cplus3 for the organisation.
  8. Womens Hockey: Canada Mens Hockey: USA Paralympics Sledge Hockey: Canada I think Germany has no chance in the mens catergory
  9. Would hide some here in germany, if thats ok... What a wonderful idea.
  10. Ohhh...I`m sad to hear this bad news Don't give up the hope for the missing coins. And the thing with the event cache is quite simple: Some cachers put their lost/ stolen trackables in event caches and some put their "Only discovery collection" in events and let it stay in the listing It's always a pitty if coins disappear
  11. Did my wantlist today and sent it to you Hope i made no mistakes and i understood it all correct Thank you for organising my first mathtrade
  12. Great A second event in NRW
  13. Would like to know the coin design and the costs before submitting the event. And which is the date: May 1st or May 2nd? Hope there will be some informations for us soon. And if i/we would host an event here in germany, must we have a version of the coin? And if yes, how many coins must we order?
  14. Congrats on this great coin Cav Scout
  15. Cooooongrats Tennessee Jed & steel city babes on this great and cool coin
  16. i have to say this again, you are a true artist with balloons! lara Do you work with ballons in your job millieballon, or is it just a hobby? That looks really great.
  17. I just posted my coins Hope i made it all right
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