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  1. Will they show up in caches or in mailboxes ?? I like both versions, but the Charlie Brown little bit more Would be great, if the Easter Bunny makes a little trip to germany Edit to add: Happy Eastern everybode!
  2. No problem, it will save me some postal service charges anyway, I'll just drill your coin and release it If Toojin doesn't want one of them, i will take his I just saw, that there is a tracking number on the picture They are trackable?
  3. Wohooo GATOULIS, you really deserve this coin When exactly is your birthday ?
  4. Ouch....both of my teams pssed out in their first game
  5. If 1 seed is the favourite, this will not be my tournament 1 time 12 seed and 1 time 13 seed
  6. Still no news from Groundspeak?
  7. He is right...but you can change the language in the upper right corner of the site. (www.mygeocoin.de) Then the whole site will be in english and the pirces in dollar
  8. Hard to decide which coin to vote but finally made a decision and voted!
  9. That really sounds mysterious, exactly like it should for a mysterycoin
  10. Amazing coin Like many others wrote: I can't wait to see the other side Maybe one of them will find it's way over the ocean
  11. Li-Z (1) Bennieboys (1) Greenish (1) Turlutortue (1) kini_ont (2) Coins received: nefesh (1) Greenish (1) Modelcitizen (1) scificollector (1) gardengorilla (2) Haven' heard anything from Bennieboys And the nefesh coin hasn't arrived yet
  12. I've a big hearth desire for as good as three years now, but i wasn't able to get it If anyone has a Geocoin Collecting Geocoin - Antique Copper please please please contact me I have some coins to trade. Please help me to get these hearth desire
  13. WOW...thats an impressive collection Congrats on all these beauties
  14. Li-Z (1) Bennieboys (1) Greenish (1) Turlutortue (1) kini_ont (2) Coins received: nefesh (1) Greenish (1) Modelcitizen (1) scificollector (1) gardengorilla (2) Mailers from germany to the netherlands take much time to get there, although the countries are neigbours It's the same everytime i have to send to the netherlands
  15. Great list...thank you for setting it up If i find something to put on the list, i will send you a pm. Now it's to late to late here in germany
  16. Received a Spirit dweller from scificollectior today. Thank you. JUst one more coin to be received
  17. WOW...the fastest review i've ever seen Ten minutes after writing the eventpage the event was reviewed and is now online
  18. I arranged everything and posted the event today. It's not yet reviewed, but i think tomorrow it will be. GC23A34 : 10 Years of Geocaching - Multievent (Münster, Ger) The fun can begin
  19. I decided not to make an own coin, but there will be an event on may 1st or 2nd. Phoned the location today to get everything ready. Will post the event-link here if it is available
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