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  1. How about an Anthus Laptop dreamin is allowed
  2. Like this kind of cointest A Spinning Top Geocoin would be great. I had one some time ago, but i traded it away and since this time i search for another one, cause i really love this coin my old one was black nickel and it would be great, to get another BN, but i like the other versions, too Edit to add: Thank you for this cointest
  3. have you received my pm brewmeister? If not i will resend the informatio per mail
  4. Congrats Dirkverschuren...maybe i will meet the EGB on GME2010-mega in the netherlands on saturday And maybe i will meet some dutch coiners, too....would be great to get you all to know
  5. I really would love this! Everytime I'm in the forums I see your cat-avatar and think "cuteeeeeee!!!!" Believe me, if you asked anyone here what he thinks when he hears the word "Gatoulis", he would answer "Cat" and "Coin". So that fits perfectly That is really a great idea and you deserve, that a coin is named after you
  6. info@geocoindesign.com would be great... thanks! ~J sent
  7. edit to remove screenshots will be mailed which e-mail adress? the one from the shop?
  8. nice design How about: Kitty the caching cat or Attention! Here comes Kitty or Dangerous! The caching cat
  9. If your idea with the hologram card works, it's a very good way to prevent stealing But it's sad to see, that such kinds of preventive measures are needed
  10. ok, then i will take the 29 I hope GATOULIS special number 29 brings me some luck Thanks for the cooointest
  11. Got it, just need the info and I will get the coin moving. Sent you a pm yesterday
  12. Great...sent the mail yesterday
  13. Okee.....would be great to have the mission here...and then i will send it to steinwälzer, if thats ok for all of you?
  14. Ouch...too late...found my 1000th cache 3 days ago
  15. I will take two days to think about it, because there are many doctor-bills to pay both for me and my parents so there is not much money for anything funny.
  16. 112 Finds and 10 DNFs Enjoy your trip
  17. If the Easter Bunny also likes to visit events, i heard of a veeeeery great event on may 1st ( GC23A34 ). I think the owner could manage to organise a big ammount of carrots to eat just kidding
  18. If i have understood the coin page right, they made some copies of their for an event they hold and some cacher took them and placed them in caches without the permission of the owner. Now there are many copies of the same coin. They shall be moved, or be discovered, but not grabbed, because they still have the original coin at home. So it was kind a of an accident that there are copies and now its the mission of the coin to be discovered by many people in many countries
  19. Like the design But i've currently no money for coins.
  20. Thats great...hope to find one near my home, because i don't have a car only 3 hours left and eastern is already over in germany Have a great Eastern all of you and may you all find many eggs (I'm eating one right now )
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