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  1. me too Congrats for all receivers of such great coins.
  2. beautiful coin and nice Cointest HOO-HOOOOOO
  3. Maybe you could do sth. like this: Look here You could let it run for a limited time and than look, what will return to you.
  4. a little newbie-question: how do i email you? do you mean a pm, or sth. else?:-D:-D i send a pm:-D
  5. this coin looks like a lot of work for the designer.... ...and the result is a beautiful coin with many details:D grüße dark elf
  6. congrats snowball and thanks for the nice cointest:D
  7. Very very very beautiful coin. hope one of them will find the way to germany congrats to everybody who received one
  8. Looks great congratulation for this design
  9. I'll guess Shawn. My name is Sebastian paul
  10. Hmmm, my english is not that good, but i understand that this thread is about cats and their stories , so i will tell one: Last weekend me and two of my geocacher-friends sat cozy in the winter garden and enjoyed the first time barbecue this year. After the steaks were eaten i stood up to fetch some of the delicious little sausages from the grill... ...and what do i see? Only six of 10 sausages were left on the grill. I looked around to find out were they could have gone...and what do i see now? The cat of my friend sitting on the terrace and eating our sausagen I dont know how she got them from the grill without hurting herself... but we were not able to be angry on such a sweet cat
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