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  1. I just entered my datas in the adressbook. Many thanks for inviting me Best regards from germany Dark Elf
  2. Congrats to the winners and thanks for the nice cointest
  3. 1. Email sent - 28.4.09 2. Name received - 6.5.09 3. Mission sent 4. Mission received Now... lets go shopping with a broken foot But nevertheless i will find some nice items to send
  4. Sounds like a beautiful coin. Congrats. Can you post a picture?
  5. you are all wrong.......its exactly now:D:D
  6. drive slowly! 5. How many lizards did I see while I was there? 3
  7. 1 Jimmie Johnson #48 2 Jeff Gordon #24 3 Deny Hamliln #11
  8. Congraaaaats , it really is a beautiful coin. I hope someday one of them will find the way to my mailbox
  9. about 16,5 million people are living there.
  10. The national anthem is called Het Wilhelmus
  11. Since 2003 there is every year a megaevent in the nederlands called GME
  12. The nederlands are member of the NATO and the united nations
  13. The nederlands abut on the north sea.
  14. The national soccer team of the nederlands has orange tricots.
  15. The Netherlands are famous for their cheese and their sabots .......at least in germany
  16. Found it Thanks and best regards from germany Dark Elf
  17. Stupid question: Where do i find the adress book?
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