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  1. Just 67 minutes left.....I would love to see my team win, but i fear they will lose today On the one hand i want to watch the match and encourage my team, but on the other hand i just want to lay down in my bed and wait until it's over
  2. tbh i don't expect serbia to win anyway But they have a good chance against australia. maybe serbia and germany will both win and them both go to the next round......anyway...in 50 minutes we will know which teams go to the next round *fingers crossed*
  3. Sorry, but i don't allow serbia to win
  4. I think as good as the whole country Here are many football fans Do you have "public viewing" too? There are big screens in as good as every town and the people meet to watch the game together and it's an unbelievable feeling if 5000 people are engrossed in the match together. If there is a goal, you are hugging people you don't even know and every where you can hear people singing songs Just 40 more minutes
  5. Would be great if australia wins But why don't you want USA play against germany ? I think they both would have chances to win...but first of all, germany must win against ghana and ghana is very good. Just 1 hour and 34 minutes left
  6. Option 1: Go back to the cache and take the coin to the cache you logged it in. Option 2: Go back to the cache for getting the trackingcode, then grab the coin virtual again and log it into the correct cache. Option 3: Email the owner to get the code and then do the same as in option 2 I hope this helps (and you can understand what i tryed to write )
  7. WOW, congrats Fredhead Haven't seen you at the forum in the last weeks Great to see you back here.
  8. There are no "seeds" in the world cup. The teams all have the same number of games And after this round there is a k.o.-system Here you can see, which games will be next and the results of all the matches: http://de.fifa.com/worldcup/matches/index.html
  9. Congrats...i watched the game too and the swiss team was great (i wanted them to win) Would be a great final, if your team would play against mine in the last round Why not? Wonders can always happen
  10. Same here Congrats susiemerlin1....i hope you will have a great birthday
  11. Great news....thank you for bringing smiles to the peoples faces NWO
  12. The right coin looks really beautiful drneal...which one is it ?
  13. 19 for me please I don't have much time lately to spend on coins or the forum, but of course i will watch the world cup.
  14. Wohoooo.....finally found an envelope in my mailbox today Inside was a very nice card...even with a german writing on it And two wonderful coins: A Saskatchewan 2008, which i've never seen before, but it's beautiful (and glows in the dark) And even a coin i really wanted for some time now: A Yemon Yime v2 You couldn't have choosen better coins to send, brewmeister A very very big thank you for the first coinmail since as good as 4 months for me and the last for some time now. Who's next?
  15. Then Congrats on your win And a thank you to kini_ont from me, too, just because she/he is a very nice person
  16. Dark Elf

    lost coin

    On the coins page is an option: "Mark item missing" Just click this option to mark the coin missing
  17. WOW That's a really nice trading list Just your tradunglist is bigger than my whole collection
  18. Got 6 of 10 so far Thanks for this cointest. We also had a great event here in Münster
  19. Amazing...i really like the design :) But at the moment i don't have the money for any new coins, because there has been some troubles Great job Vanelle
  20. Congrats lorca and Gatoulis, i know you for some time now and if anyone deserves this, then it's you two. I hope there are better days coming for you Gatoulis and you will be happy again
  21. Great coin Will take one. Already filled in the survey
  22. Congrats Vanelle Is it maybe this one: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=247380
  23. Was zur Hölle sind denn Schluchtenscheißer? :D Schön zu sehen, dass du dich so freust
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