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  1. Out on the Water, Caching by Boat Geocoin? Pirate 4 Hire Geocoin? Is there a pirate on the coin?
  2. Landsharkz ‘09 – The Pearly Depths Geocoin? Lost Coast Cachers Geocoin? Thats really a funny cointest
  3. Jellyfish's 2008 Geocoin? Kingfisher's Geocoin?
  4. Geosquid Geocoin? Humane Society of Central Oregon Geocoin?
  5. Caching Native Florida Geocoin? Dosenfischer Geocoin?
  6. Aquarius Traveling Zodiac Geocoin? Belted Kingfisher Geocoin?
  7. 2006 British Columbia Geocoin? 2008 Maine Pirate Quest Event Geocoin? AAAAHAHAAHAAHAH....i looked through soooo many icons
  8. Dorkfish 2007 Geocoin? Delicious Cache Geocoin? Don`t know if thers a fish on tzhe neptune compass...
  9. Landsharkz ‘09 – The Pearly Depths Geocoin? Hector's Dolphin Geocoin? Gray Whale Geocoin? Freestyle Fish Geocoin?
  10. Orca Geocoin? Northern Right Whale Geocoin? Lildorkfish Geocoin? Landsharkz Shark Attack Geocoin?
  11. Team Evil Fish Geocoin? eam Fish Eagle Geocoin?
  12. Sail Fast Geocoin Dolphin? Save the Dolphins Geocoin? Sea Shepherd Geocoin? Sharpee Geocoin?
  13. Bahama Starfish Geocoin? Pororoca ~ Endless Wave Geocoin? Saffier & Stekelsteef Personal Geocoin?
  14. Is it the red hering geocoin by Chur? I don't know much coins and i don't know any other coins with a fish on it...
  15. I don't think its the Wishing Coin, sooo maybe it's the Koi Carp Peters Trio Geocoin? Or the Moscow32 Fish Geocoin? And my last guess is the Dorkfish
  16. Coin is choosen, next recipient is picked...mission will be sent on monday
  17. Aaaaahhh Fredhead, we only have 20 questions and you just asked 21 questions in 29 minutes :) :)
  18. Lights on! 3.) 37 caches?! Would love to win a coin to release it in the race
  19. Has anybode one extra and would trade? If yes, please pm me or write an e-mail I want to gift it to a friend
  20. I am searching for a Cache Hopper I can offer one of my personal Pure travel coins edition ( i only have 9 of them ). They are black nickel with a dark red color and my name is engraved. I need the cache hopper for a friend
  21. Ouch....some of your prices are very high...the Mapamundi Geocoin for example is sold on cachezone.eu for 5,95€
  22. i have an answer for you: take both
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