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  1. I wasn`sure which coins you like, but i saw a lot of pure coins in your collection and i thought that you maybe would like one of my personal pures
  2. I think the non-LE version will be reminted
  3. Congrats grodan & fiabus Mission 2 is on the way to the next recipient I Don't know if he/she likes the coin, but i hope so.. It`s a special one
  4. Hey, i always wanted a Big Bean GeoJellie. Can you maybe reserve it for 2 days for me...i need to contact some people to ask if i can unse their paypal-account, because i can't create my own because 'm under 18
  5. I think it's all a big plot, you let Fredhead win to save your coin
  6. wooohhoooooooooooooooo we have a winner just message me to give me your choice do you want the coin mailed to you or do you want to activate it and set a travel mission from my close by cache? Congrats Fredhead Great cointest paganfrog
  7. Woooohoooo i can't believe it Friday i came home from a very hard week and opened the mailbox...i found a bubble mailer and thought the flaming poolball coins from Parrolet have arrived, but there was no return adress on the mailer. I went out on the balcony and opened it and in the first moment i didn't understand what my eyes were seeing It was the Luck & Protection Coin with the number 68. I would love to post a pic, but my camera is damaged and a picture couldn`t do the coin justice That was what i needed after this week The mysterygiver seems to know exactly when someone needs a little smile...and i don't have a little...my smile is HUGE B) Sorry for posting so late, but i needed to stare two days on it to become clear what i hold in my hands I can't thank you enough mysterious sender....a big big big big THANK YOU
  8. I see a picture of a coin in my mind with fishbones on it...is it this one...i don`t know the name...
  9. The symbol of the early chrits was a fish...does the coin have anything to with jesus?
  10. puh...i need a break...i'm totally out of ideas
  11. Is the coin made by an american manufacturer?
  12. Northern Atlantic Lobster Geocoin? Blue crab geocoin?
  13. special edition sea star geocoin? or the normal sea star geocoin?
  14. the problem is that i don`t know where to continue searching I looked in every place whick came into my mind, but it seems like this are nit the right places Maybe Fredhead has an idea, which coin it could be.....i think i have to wait til he returns from caching to get to know whick coin you mean :D
  15. The Mighty Shark Geocoin? Travel Dolphin Geocoin? Whale Trail Geocoin? Whale Boat Micros (Save The Ammocan) Geocoin?
  16. I think it's a great cointest and Fredhead and i and all the others have a lot of fun playing here The cointest rocks And even if there are more fish-coins then you thought.....so it's hard work to find out the right and this makes it even mire funny
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