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  1. would it be possible to upload a picture of the item so we can all see it here, too?! Hello from the Czech Republic, if you are interested have a look here: http://cwg.urede.info/katalog.html I searched for this site, but din't find it. Thanks for posting the link I have Nr. 278
  2. WOW, great idea....but i think i will never get to the higher numbers
  3. The Czech Wooden Coins are signature items of the czech cachers. They leave them in caches, they have found, for the next finder. If you found one, it's yours to keep. Congrats
  4. I've never seen a V1, but maybe i will get the chance to see the V2
  5. Oh sorry....i missed a couple of days on this cointest, because i were on an event and in the hospital. I didn't red that it's only for people with 2 points or less Sorry
  6. Du have gefunden mich coin, master jedi The Reaper speaks german? Good basis for a trip to germany
  7. A tiger and a kind of bird....a flying tiger....
  8. I have to confess that i've never seen a Yime in real :P But this one looks beautiful WOW !
  9. Cooooooooooome on....keep your points
  10. aaaaahhhh....i forgot my Yahoo-ID....
  11. It's only 8945.6km from my hone coords
  12. Does it cost anything for the event organizer?
  13. excitement.......excitement......excitement uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....uuuuuuuuuuu......uuuuuuuuu AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd the winner is.............a big surprise : SgtMikal Cooooongrats Contact me with your adress and then we can look which coin you would like to get
  14. I wrote 10 names on 10 little paper sheets and wrinkled them up. Now i will put them into a hat or whatever i find and post the winner in a few minutes
  15. Here are the questions: 1.) How many caches did i do today? (09.09.2009) - answered by SgtMikal 2.) What did i eat as lunch on midday? I used the oven. - answered by FoxMulders 3.) Which homework did i first? Only name the school subject. - answered by SgtMikal 4.) Which sport did i do after lunch? - answered by paganfrog 5.) Which room did i tidy up in the afternoon? - answered by SgtMikal 6.) While tidying up i heard songs of a famous US-punk-rock-band. Which band was it? - answered by SgtMikal 7.) Now an easy one: I fed the pets. Which kind of pets did i have? - answered by usyoopers 8.) Yesterday i went to the postoffice to send some things out. How many postage had i to pay? In "Euro" - answered by FoxMulders 9.) What are my two favourite colors? - answered by FScout 10.) Veeeery easy: What did i do after feeding the pets? - answered by anne.and.eli Cointest is over now, all questions has been answered. Now i'm going to search a hat to put your names in and choose he winner
  16. Jepp, Potato wedges with apple puree, mayonnaise and ketchup
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