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  1. Great idea. Germany is very near to the Netherlands, so i will suspend this time Hope you will have a lot of fun
  2. Come and visit me in Germany GATOULIS....we will have snow in december
  3. Definetly my favorite photo in this thread
  4. They are still avaliable at the lnk you posted.
  5. Yesterday i recieved an envelope from avroair, but inside was not the coin i expexted, but a Dark Knight coin with the number 178 I still can't believe it. Can't stop smiling. Wonder where from he got the second DarkKnight-coin....? Thank you avroair and Dark Knight 101 Red Otter 103 sarahbelle 105 DJ.J.ROCK 106 AlliedOz 108 UFgatorgirl 109 acasim 121 Team Van Stoffelen 125 gillianms 127 woogiekids 129 Coreynjoey 138 Shadow's Friend 140 MustangJoni 143 drneal 145 labrat_wr 150 LoriDarlin 151 kini_ont 153 wilq 154 LustyPirateQueen 157 mar-elendili 160 cache in hand 161 Opalsns 163 smgsmg 167 avroair 168 Chickahominy 170 Turlutortue 173 LadyBee4T 177 BrokenW 178 Dark Elf 180 EdDakota 182 Howlingmoon --> friend 183 Li-Z 184 Howlingmoon 185 CUTT4 187 fuzziebear3 --> Toojin 191 GATOULIS 194 woogiekids 195 Pabloturtle 197 anne.and.eli 199 grodan Karin (grodan & fiabus) 200 Vanelle
  6. @Tank Hounds: Do you have a trade-list? The one in your signature doesn`t work.
  7. oha...totally forgot this until now I just set my mail!
  8. Hmmmm...there are not many Coin-drops in Germany, but i heard from some people, that they watch the GC-accounts of the mystery-coiners to see, which caches they visited.
  9. This is not the Bell Witch's mystery coin, if i understood it right It's the one of SinterKlass
  10. I heard of SinterKlaas and his coin, but i've never seen one...not even a picture. Can anybody show me how it looks like? Or maybe, if he is in the Netherlands, he will make a trip to germany in his sled and then i can see it in person
  11. I knew this already, but i still laugh when i ee someone use it I LOVE Geo Jellies, but i'm afraid that it's too expensive for me. I will think about it
  12. Like the backside. Who is the guy on the front?
  13. Whoa congrats....so you are one step closer to your goal The Dutch Lion Coin is the first mystery coin i've ever seen
  14. Finished shopping on friday and took the package to the postoffice today. Hope it will arrive in time Birthday Mission email sent : YES Birthday Mission name recieved : YES Birthday Mission: Sent - YES Birthday Mission Received:
  15. I think many people have these project :D I like mystery coins, too, but to get all of them.....no, i would not make this being my project...i like them because they are mysterious and exciting and if i would have all of them, there would be nothing new and nothing to look forward to. But i hope you will reach your goal and i cross my fingers for you
  16. Why is there a question? DO IT! gogogogogogo
  17. Many interesing articles Found all six halves and identified 4 of them, but have problems with the last two
  18. Whoa....what a great and scary story... Congrats bone shaker
  19. Here is my 3rd and last entry: Mystery Coin Mash
  20. Some strange facts: When Dutch schoolchildren pass their exams, they hang a Dutch flag and a school bag outside their homes. Amsterdam has 1,281 bridges. There are twice as many bikes as cars. After Scandinavians, the Dutch are the world's biggest coffee drinkers. The Netherlands still has about 1,000 traditional working windmills. The Netherlands has the highest cable density in Europe. Some of these facts even stand in my geographic school book I like the netherlands ans they are only 80km from my hometown.
  21. Jimmie Johnson Mark Martin Tony Stewart
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