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  1. Today I finally got a new, working, internet-connection.


    So i'm at last able to post that I also received a mysterious envelope two weeks ago.


    I haven't been in this forum for some time, so I was very surprised as i found an envelope in my mailbox and I was even more surprised as I saw, who sent it :)

    Obviously I sent it to myself :)

    Never expected to receive a real Mickey Diver coin, because this was one of my heart-desire-coins.

    This little coin totally made my day...or better my whole week :)

    And the best thing is that it brought me back in this forum :)


    I can't thank you enough Mickey Diver for bringing smiles all around the world and even to me :)


    And finally: WOOO HOOO :) This is such a beautiful coin :)

  2. Apparently I can vote from my wife's computer, and my work computer from the same IP address on the same day. (Presumably it uses cookies for the first few votes and then uses IP addresses after a certain number to stop people gaming the system too much.




    I also noticed that :)


    Just voted from another computer, too :P

  3. Yesterday i found a golden mailer in my mailbox, too :)


    All the photos i saw here are great, but in person this coin is even more beautiful. Definetly one of my favorite coins. I love the design and most of all the message the coin tells :)

    This coin got a special place next to my computer, so that i can look at it when i'm sitting in my chair :)


    I can't thank you enough mystery sender for this great gift :):wub:


    thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, :)

  4. Seems like i'm getting senile and forgetful. :rolleyes:

    Approximately three weeks ago i got a mailer and went from the mailbox into the cellar to get some bottles of water.

    I put the mailer somewhere in the cellar and forgot about it :rolleyes: in the next days until i went into the cellar again to fetch some ice one hour ago (it's quite hot here today).


    I opened the mailer in the cellar and now i'm sitting here eating a delicious peach-ice and looking on a beautiful golden NWO coin, still not believing that i'm part of the new world order ;)


    A big Thank you! to the mystery sender and sorry for the delay in posting :lol: Shame on me :D

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