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  1. You can also consider a standalone USB GPS. I use a Globalsat MR-350 connected to a laptop. They are quite cheap and with mounting outside, reception is wonderful. Sounds interesting ... what Mapping software are you using with your gps? appreciate the info.... r
  2. Was given a Garmin eTrex Venture HC handheld GPS .... I already have the Natl Geographic TOPO maps for my State. Is there a way I can load the Maps on my laptop, attach the Garmin to my Laptop, and have it provide "Real Time" navagation on the mapscreen on the PC ?? If not ...... what would I need to accomplish that? (I have a bit of a vision problem and find the small screen of the Garmin a bit of a problem to read - I normally travel off road in my vehicle, and using the 15" laptop for navigation would be much more comfortable) Thanks, r
  3. I appreciate the input - If I get him a Garmin Legend with the WorldMap, can he open it here, load the Iraq map, but then use the GPS around here to get used to the functions? I know that you have to "Initialize" the GPS before it can find you - if he initializes the GPS here in Idaho, what would he have to do when he get's in Iraq for it to recognize the Sat's over there? - Or is that all automatic? Are the instructions clear on how to switch BaseMaps ??
  4. Steven's headed to Iraq the end of November as a Combat Engineer assigned to an infantry unit. He's seen me with my GPS Geocahing, and wants to know which one would be best to take with him - the least expensive, most durable one that is WAAS enabled - obviously, mapping not an issue.. Any help would be appreciated - we'd like to make an early XMas gift to him.. and possibly save his life... I've searched for this question before, but with no luck.. if there's been a discussion on this before, please direct me.. thanks, Rick
  5. I live in Southern Idaho (83301) and will be traveling to Missouri (65473) next week and thought I'd do some Caching.. Do I have to make any adjustments to the GPS unit?? Also flying Delta - any idea if they allow the use of the GPS in flight? thanks, rick
  6. Looking for a way I can search for my Zip code, and then instead of having it sort by distance from my Zip, have it sort by the most recent cache placed - by date/time ?? I get the weekly notifications, but it seems as though some have already been there... How do you get the most current info ??
  7. No - driving 24000 km in 6 months is what ages your car too fast and lowers it's value.
  8. Platinum was over a year old and lost the backlight - shipped to them, got it back in 4 days and it included a new manual, updated software, and a DC converter - all free.. No charge at all. As far as I'm concerned, Magellan support is tops.. Rick
  9. I needed to get a good idea on the actual speed of my Explorer since I put 31" tires on it - I'm about 4 mph faster then what the Speedo shows using the GPS .. Also wanted to test my vette with curious results - 75mph was exactly 75 on the speedometer .. however 100 mph on the speedo showed 104 on the GPS, but 130 on the speedo was exactly 130 on the GPS again.. Guess if I want to be exact, I should drive either 75 or 130 !! ;-)
  10. I have an explanation of what’s being found hanging from those trees.. A while back I was doing some solo camping, and before bedding for the night, I took my food – consisting of some pretty lean ground round, a couple of steaks, and other side dishes wrapped in plastic bags, and strung it up from a tree. Gotta keep it from the critters, ya’ know.. A little later that night, I hear some commotion in the camp, and I looked out of my tent and saw this dadgum bear – jumping and swinging at this hanging goodie bag. It was just out of his reach, and I just laughed like hell !!! Well, that scared him off, and I went back to sleep. The next morning I was ready for a good breakfast, and went to take the food down. The rope had been placed higher on the tree trunk, and I couldn’t reach it. Well, I took a little run and jumped to try and get the bag down, and it was just out of my reach.. I tried this for hours, and finally after getting a large stick, I was able to bring it down so I could grab it with both hands., When I got it open, It was full of Bear ****… As I was scratching my head, trying to possibly conceive how this happened, I heard this little noise behind a rock… I walked around the rock, and there was that dadgum Bear – laughing his *** off – eating one of my burgers… So – that’s how they get there!
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