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  1. Nothing has changed. When I use "Maps" to mark the location (i.e. with GPS active) Google places a marker in the center of the park, with the park's business name. As before, I can select the "internet" options (vs "maps") and it will place the marker correctly - but no navigation. And I do blame Google - because when I uninstall the upgrade it works perfectly. It seems obvious that Google now seeks to "guide" us to their choices, and that is, how you say "paradigm shift?" I miss the very "Google" philosophy on which they built their empire: give people the information they are seeking - all of it, unspun, and untainted. They seem to have a new philosophy when the information takes the form of a map.
  2. I haven't tried in 3-4 days, but I can't tell you how happy I'll be if Google has fixed it. Again, I have always been able to use the "internet" option and get a marker placed on the coordinates, but what was lost was the ability to do concurrent with navigation. (i.e. at the park using a location-enabled Android device) Thanks, and I'll look forward to tomorrow's test. Have you tried it recently? It looks like Google has fixed it as they continue to develop the new map format. * The loc: prefix is no longer needed (in fact, it can't be used) * Sending the lat long via with url works (click on view on google maps on cache page) * The pin is on the exact location not the nearest address. Don't blame Google, you always had the option to use classic maps as a default. But it seems to be fixed now.
  3. Prior to the latest "upgrade" I was able to send local coords to Maps (via http) and Google would place a marker on the exact spot (within about 10') WHILE navigation services remained active - i.e. a user could navigate to the very spot. Now, as the above poster notes, that capability is gone, which trashed about 2 months work for me. GM will still mark locations, but not with navigation. If you try, your location will be the nearest business. (?!!) Hate to sound cynical, but, based on the reaction in forums, it seems like Google couldn't have done a better job wiping out hundreds of small enterprises with a single swipe, had they planned it!
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