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  1. I will be driving from Milwaukee to Saginaw this month. Wondering if anyone can suggest caches close to the interstate or if there is a bookmark list of such caches. If anyone wants to help a cheesehead I'd appreciate it.
  2. That is amazing. But how does it know what webcam cache you are at?
  3. I was inspired to make my own lateral thinking style puzzle cache. Can you dechiper this one? In the Line of Duty
  4. I was shocked to read this, since my Egyptian Magician cache starts right at this point. Minooka Mountain Lion? Hard to believe but I am less skeptical after a black bear sighting was confirmed in a nearby suburb of Milwaukee! Bear was really there!
  5. I thought this one in Duluth, Minnesota was pretty cool.
  6. I get confused with all the spinoffs. Which one is it on again? Law & Order: Parking Ticket Checker, Law & Order: School Crossing Guard Unit, or Law & Order: 12 Items or Less Grocery Checkout Line Enforcement Unit?
  7. Huzzah! After 3 nights I finally cracked all the codes for "Lateral Thinking". Thanks to a good clue from Nellsnake that got me unstuck at step #3. This is not as easy as it looks in the beginning. Now I just have to go out and find the actual physical cache.
  8. So what will next years be called? Armageddon!
  9. Do you mean you decoded the first part in 5 minutes or the whole thing? If you meant the latter I'm impressed. I'm still stuck at step #3.
  10. If you like puzzle caches this is a good one to try. You can do the puzzle part at home. Lateral Thinking Warning: Once you get started it sucks you in! I've been giving my noggin a flogging trying to crack the code.
  11. I have decided to place 2 pairs of NFL game tickets in my cache called Cartoonist. This is a first come, first serve prize, but please only take them if you can use them. This prize is time sensitive so act quickly...good luck!
  12. Tired of McToy trading items? This weekend I will be putting 4 tickets for the first Vikings home game of 2004 in one of my caches! I will post a note on the cache page when this is accomplished. If you only need 2, please take a pair, but if you can use all 4 go for it! First come, first served!
  13. I am a park ranger and I'm sure glad I found the cache in the park I work at. While on patrol I mostly have to deal with drunks, parkers, litterbugs, and vandals so I was relieved to see some positive recreation going on in the parks for a change. I tried the hobby out and became hooked myself. Now if I see someone headed to the cache when I'm on duty I'll sneak up on them and say something like "I'm sorry park ordinance N43 20.200 requires that you can only trade quality items at this cache site no McToys are allowed here." After they get over being stunned and looking like deer caught in the headlights I introduce myself and we have a good laugh.
  14. Ranger Boy

    Gpsmap 60c

    The GC mode for the Garmin Map60C is pretty cool. I couldn't get it to work at first because the icon for a Geocache was set as a treasure chest, and the downloads from the pocket queries uses the standard flag icon for the waypoints. Once the icon is changed to the treasure chest it works. My question is does anyone know if there is a way to go to your list of waypoints and change all the flag waypoint icons to the treasure chest at once? Doing it individually is time consuming. I know you can go to geocache setup and change the icon for a geocache to the flag. But what if you want to use the treasure chest icon?
  15. I have a travel bug from the USA that wants to go to Belgium. However my gps was pickpocketed so I can't find a cache to put him in. I am staying in Amsterdam. Can anyone help him? Should I put him in a public locker or somewhere someone can pick him up? If you can help the TB email prkrngrtim@yahoo.com
  16. I have a travel bug from the USA that wants to go to Belgium. However my gps was pickpocketed so I can't find a cache to put him in. I am staying in Amsterdam. Can anyone help him? Should I put him in a public locker or somewhere someone can pick him up? If you can help the TB email prkrngrtim@yahoo.com
  17. Tell her geocaching was just a cover story, you were really out having an affair! When the divorce is final...resume caching.
  18. Do you think it is a good idea to put event tickets in a cache? Would people find them in time to go? If any geocachers in or near Minnesota want to take a break from caching and watch Randy Moss do some catching, let me know. I got extra tickets for most games. Including the August ones coming up 8/8 + 8/28. prkrngrtim@yahoo.com
  19. Here's a class I could get a A+ in! http://cfprod01.imt.uwm.edu/SCE/course.cfm?id=2482
  20. quote:Two months ago I found a WG in a cache and took it. I recorded it and then laminated it in plastic. Dude you can't do that! Just marking "Wheresgeorge.com" isn't making the money unusable so it's ok. But if you laminate it you take it out of circulation! Are you sure that Doesn't go beyond Treasury Dept guidelines?
  21. Affirmative! I also found out about Geocaching through George. I also agree a WG is way better than a future landfill destined product tie in Mctoy. Plus a WG is sort of an an inexpensive Travel Bug that can move between Geocachers and Non-Geocachers alike.
  22. quote:Originally posted by Jpjazz:What is this true? A Park Ranger that is willing to promote Geocaching. Thank you for taking this inititive! Jpjazz I am also a ranger that supports this sport. I found about geocaching because one was hidden in a park I patrol. I think it is a great way to get people to enjoy the outdoors and don't see the harm as long as common sense is used. Obviously don't damage any vegetation or official signs when plaching caches or markers. The trash out program is appreciated by park managers too. After dealing with obnoxiously loud campers, drunks, and vandals I not only welcome caching, but see it as positive recreation for park patrons.
  23. I am wondering if anyone can advise me if the Palm M100 is capable of receiving geocache page PDA downloads, available to premium members. Or do I need a better PDA or Pocket PC do use this service? Thanks.
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