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  1. I thought this would be a good place to post this because Geocachers may know of areas in Morris County that have discarded tires. The article below contains a phone number where you can report 'misplaced' tires. What amazes me is that people dump tires when recycling centers (at least in my town) take tires for free. Morris County Tire Roundup
  2. I hope that is the case - the charger I ordered has a 'recondition' cycle. Hopefully this help give me more than 2 hours of GPSr time.
  3. Just got my 500LE via the Costco deal. Went caching with it today. Seems to be more accurate than my SportsTrak Pro. One thing I noticed is that I am getting pathetic battery life (even with the backlight off). I am using 900 mAh AAA batteries. What I mean by pathetic is about 2 hours. The only thing I can think of is that my battery recharger is going caput and not charging the AAAs to their full capacity. I have a new charger on order. My question is what kind of battery life are people getting with the AAA option in real life conditions.
  4. I just stumbled across this thread... This person in question posted a find on my "Hamburg High" cache. As Brian mentioned if you were going for this cache you would also get some other caches along the way (like The Best Cache in NJ ). I will try to go out and visit this one soon to see if he signed the log.
  5. I never met Helmut, but I always enjoyed reading his logs and hunting for his caches. My condolences go out to Helmut's family. He will be missed.
  6. Whatever you guys do don't shoot the bears!
  7. If I had to guess the cache was from the Magellan contest (I don't think its listed on Geocaching.com). The Magellan cache is in Highbridge park. In the log: "Good game, 2nd year participant, I look forward to other missions...". The Magellan cache is here --> N 40° 50.972 W 73° 55.686
  8. leatherman and I thought John Candy was dead...
  9. You are correct.. Nowhere in that OPINION column does it state that. Since the OPINION column was written by a 'pro-gun' person I took a look at the actual report from the National Academy of Sciences. After reading his opinion I don't think you would expect those statements to be in the report, but they are.
  10. Interesting report..... According to the report more research & data is needed to draw stronger (or any) conclusions. Some 'highlights'.... -- There is no credible evidence that "right-to-carry" laws, which allow qualified adults to carry concealed handguns, either decrease or increase violent crime. To date, 34 states have enacted these laws. -- There is almost no evidence that violence-prevention programs intended to steer children away from guns have had any effects on their behavior, knowledge, or attitudes regarding firearms. More than 80 such programs exist. -- Research has found associations between gun availability and suicide with guns, but it does not show whether such associations reveal genuine patterns of cause and effect. -- One of the largest barriers to better understanding gun violence is the lack of high-quality and extensive data on gun ownership and use. Looks like the debate will continue for a long time to come....
  11. I would agree that overall numbers are greatest in Washington DC or NYC just because of the number of people living in these areas, but you said violent crime RATES. How about some per capita stats. Compare violent crimes in Dallas (gun loving state) vs. NYC in a per capita format. Its not even close. I think there is a closer tie to poverty rates and violent crime than right to carry and violent crime. But as mentioned above the statistics can be skewed in any which way.
  12. This feature will enable you to annoy fellow cachers not only via the forums, but by instant messenger as well!!! If a cacher is logged into AOL Instant Messenger and has filled out their AOL account name in their profile you will be able to see if they are on-line when you view their profile. This already works for people who filled out their Yahoo Instant Messenger info. I noticed the on-line awareness feature did not work if you supplied AIM info. Apparently the AOL URLs to detect AIM on-line awareness were not coded into the profile. Jeremy asked for the URLs and they are supplied above in this thread.
  13. Bump.... in case this was overlooked.
  14. Archerino finally found 101. I don't think he was kidding about his Mountainside log! OUCH! Poor guy. What a trooper to get back out there! I wish him well.
  15. This should do it...... The aol guy is solid if you are on-line, and shaded if you are off line.... you could change graphics... and make sure my screen name isn't used if you put in this link!!!! <img src=http://big.oscar.aol.com/cdobol?on_url=http://www.aim.com/remote/gr/MNB_online.gif&off_url=http://www.aim. com/remote/gr/MNB_offline.gif border=0 width=11 height=13><a href="aim:goim?screenname=cdobol&message=hi.+are+you+there?">send me an instant message</a>
  16. I noticed that in your profile you can select your preferred instant messaging program and put in your user id. When you click on someone's profile you can tell if someone is 'on-line' if they filled out their instant messaging preferences. It appears that the AOL selection does not work. Anything special that needs to be done with the AOL messenger to make it work as designed?
  17. Since there is potential for back and forth off-topic debate on this I'm going to do the moderator a favor and lock the thread...
  18. I agree with you Bull Moose. If you feel more comfortable carrying a gun and legally entitled to then go for it. If you read the other thread you would think all rattlesnakes are like Coily found in Q*Bert. In my opinion you don't need a gun to protect yourself from snakes while Geocaching.
  19. I generally like to use one in conjunction with the other. The starter of this thread seems to think they are mutually exclusive. For Geocaching purposes I do think they are mutually exclusive. The other thread has turned into a debate about gun rights & safety - not why we would need guns to Geocache.
  20. Ok, I'm sick of the gun debate on the 'real' forum. Whenever I see the original thread, I think it should read something more like below.... Am I crazy? Has anyone else used their brain to save their life on a cache hunt? I am alive today because I used my brain while Geocaching, This weekend I went after a cache in the middle of the forest the Caches was about 50 miles from the nearest hospital and about five miles off a main road on a two track trail, from where I parked the car it was about a 3/4 mile hike into the forest to the cache, as I was walking out from the cache, I saw a very large rattler , I walked around him, snapped a picture and let him go about his business. Made it home for dinner and uploaded the picture to my cache log entry.
  21. Interesting... I couldn't get to any system hosted by 'killerlink'... including their DNS servers that list geocaching.com's ip address.
  22. Great response in that thread Brian!
  23. You are mistaken. If people want to see pictures of CarleenP they go to your profile and view your gallery. Makes you go hmmmmmm... Everyone reads Carleen's messages!
  24. True, what kind of idiot would purposely leave NY to geocache in NJ. They have bears and rattlesnakes.... and Briansnat. I have cached in NY but I accessed the website in my home state of NJ to get the NY cache info. That leads me to believe the notion people caching in other states skewing the data towards states with less caches/cachers is a faulty assumption. BUT as TRL has mentioned there are many Geocaching promotions out there that drew non-cachers to the site which could easily be tracked and may have padded the numbers for states with less caches/cachers. As Mopar mentioned the Geocaching community as a whole is probably more net-savy than the general public and is aware of (and counters) web tracking techniques.
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