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  1. Thanks so much everyone for the input :o

    For those who were wondering, I was walking about online logs. But this has been helpful.


    Are y'all referrring to the logs IN the cache itself or the notes that everyone can see online? Sometimes I write a quickie on the physical log but go home and add all my notes and details.


    I agree, there isn't much to say about a cache under a lamp post in the parking lot, other than thanks. On another we found I could have said, "it was really a good hide because the paint you used to disguise the nano really matched the object." On the easier ones I hate to say too much otherwise it will just give it away. I do like to see if it takes somebody more than 20 minutes to find it (not including the hike) or if the coordinates are off.


    We're pretty new to this and I am learning from other logs what to say.


    I really appreciate all the advice in the forums.


    Thank you! I know I'm generally descriptive, I was just looking for some extra idea as I can tend to be fairly repetative.

  2. For a discontinued model, they've been doing pretty goood with giving firmware updates for Colorado. they haven't left them in the dark.


    Thanks for the advice guys, I was leaning towards the 450, and I did go check both units out at the store. I think that's what I'll go with :mad:

  3. I'm looking at the Colorado, Oregon and the 62. I'm really looking for a very accurate paperless caching unit, that will be the most bang for my buck. I do geocaching with driving and hiking.


    I really like the interface of the Oregon, but I heard it can sometimes not lock under treecover.

    The Colorado has the quad helix antenna, and is an awesome price right now on amazon.

    The 62 has amazing accuracy, but is very expensive.



  4. I've been geocaching for a few years with my Garmin eTrex Legend, and love it, but I'm looking for an upgrade, something that will be a bit more accurate and easy to do paperless caching with. Features that would help in the car with directions would be nice, but not totally necessary.


    I've been looking at a couple models, the Garmin Gmaps 60CSx, Delorme Earthmate PN-30, Garmin Oregan and the Garmin Colorodo 400t. Money isn't a huge issue, but I'm still keeping it in mind.


    Which one would be the best overall gps unit? Also, if you had any other model you'd like to suggest, I'm really open about this so go for it.


    Thank you :)

  5. What are some creative ways to place micro caches?


    I know there are a lot of micros in trees and under trees and nanos on poles, etcetera, etcetera. But, what are some really creative ways to place a micro to put a little twist on it, perhaps make it more fun?


    Hide it inside an Ammo Can :laughing:


    Fill the micros with grocery bags, adhere a CITO sticker on the side, then place them in your ammo can. :laughing:


    LOL, what a waste of an ammo can though :laughing:


    I've seen lots of creative micros.


    - bison tube epoxied to the end of a bolt

    - narrow tube inside a hollow piece of bark, hanging in a tree

    - bison glued to hollowed-out inside of a pinecone

    - micro behind a fake electric faceplate

    - bison epoxied inside fence post cap

    - slim bob behind a sign on a metal post, where you had to rotate the sign to the side to get it out

    - fake electrical pipe on a telephone pole with other pipes

    - a hole drilled in a rock with a micro inside, then placed with a pile of other rocks

    - tiny clear tube glued to a clothes pin, clipped to a tree limb

    - bison with fishing line attached, down inside a hollow tree

    - hollowed out bolt with log inside, on a wooden post

    - micro with fake ivy glued to it, hidden on a fence with real ivy

    - clear tube glued inside a hollow stick

    - a log cut in half with a hole drilled inside, then put back together, which swiveled open to reveal the micro


    - oh and once we even found a film cannister hidden under a lamp post skirt in a parking lot! :)


    Thanks for the very lengthy list! I'm sure I can find something there that my area does not have! xD


    What are some creative ways to place micro caches?


    I know there are a lot of micros in trees and under trees and nanos on poles, etcetera, etcetera. But, what are some really creative ways to place a micro to put a little twist on it, perhaps make it more fun?


    Doesn't Calgary have enough micros already? OK, I'm just kidding, I'll give a serious answer: how about anything suspended by fishing line? (that's not in plain sight, of course).


    Thanks for the idea! LOL, Calgary does have too many micros. I did 10 caches yesterday and 7 of them were micros. I would like to install creative ones, though. I'm using one for a puzzle cache as a first part, not just a traditional micro so I won't add to the erroneous amount of micros in the city :laughing:

  6. Geocaching.com has done some minor updates lately.


    They've added bigger maps to the print friendly cache pages. So, when you print off a cache page, you have a cache description on one side, and the map on a separate page. The maps are also more specific. And, if you want extra logs, it will be longer.


    Now, if you want just a one paged cache, without maps and log as they'd be on a second page,, you can click print, and on your left hand side you should be able to choose the amount of pages you'd like to print. I.E. Typing in 1 to 1 would print the first page excluding the second and possibly third.


    IF you need more clarifications, feel free to post so and I'll try to clear thing up a bit if need be.


    The complete list of updates to geocaching.com can be found here.


  7. Okay, I've reviewd my psots and have discovered that I have communicated the adopt concept poorly. I forgot to mention this is a feature to be used by the owner.


    Contact the owner and if they want you to adopt it, they will send a request VIA this featurein caus. Perhaps just mention it to them in caus ethey are unaware of this feature. If the owner is unavailable and does not maintain it soon, it will eventually be archived.


    I will communicate this and other things clearly in the future. Sometimes I guess we choose our words wrong. Sorry for the inconvenience. :rolleyes:

  8. I hate to butt in, but I really don't think this is nesessary. We have had numberous posts in this thread all saying the same thing, to read and understand the guidelines. I think one would be sufficient. It's great that you all want to help others, and so do I and so do tons of other people, but one person posting the answer if fine. If you come across a post and that would be the asnwer, do the polite thing don't repost it. It is really impolite and is in a way spam.


    I'm sorry if this has offended any posters, but honestly...

  9. Lots of good advice already offered, but I'd like to add:


    Read the hints. It might seem like cheating but when I was first starting I really needed them. After finding a few you'll start to get a feel for what you're looking for as well as where to look.


    Look for things like unnatural piles of sticks, stones, leaves, etc, and things that just look out of place or things that lead to nowhere. If you're looking in an area that has lots of rocks, look under the biggest one. The biggest one that the average person could lift, I mean.


    Look in holes or knots in trees, feel under things made of metal for something small and magnetic sticking to it.


    Yes! I use hints too a lot. I sometimes read the hint and know exactly what I'm looking for on the site. It's like a skill, reading the hints.:rolleyes: Once you become more experienced, you will rarely need them, but as you begin, it sometimes helps and after a while, you'll learn some of the tricks of some of the hiders and you'll find small things like a bigger piles of leaves or sticks and you'll know right away where it is.

  10. 1. Make an account on photobucket.com.

    2. Upload your image to your account.

    3. On your account, right click on the image and click 'Copy Shortcut'.

    4. On your cache page, click 'edit listing.

    5. Where it says Background image, paste the url/shortcut you cpied earlier.


    If you encounter any problems, please contact me. I want to make sure you complete this successfully. Good luck and have fun!

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