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  1. We just got one for Christmas, and my daughter is thrilled - she doesn't have to worry about dropping Mommy's cell phone (I usually use Geocache Navigator on my BB Storm), and she can follow the arrows. We tried it today and she read the numbers out loud as they dropped. She was thrilled to have found one by herself!


  2. So many "numbers" cachers now and the FTF craze seems to get some folks centered on one goal: "Get the prize".

    Most aren't even really paying any attention to their surroundings (thought that was what the cache placement was for.)


    That makes me feel a lot better about how I go about things. It is intimidating to look at the forums and see "2,779 finds" - we are doing one or two here and there and enjoying what we find, even if we don't find the cache!


    And no matter how much trash we pick up, there are probably more litterers than CITO cachers, so if you see trash it doesn't necessarily mean that no one is picking up.



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