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  1. I would reccommend being hesitant on staying at any of these listed motels or hotels from the google search. Most of them aren't even the near the camp site and some require you to drive down the mountain road that has recently been washed away. I am a local and recently into the whole geocaching thing. I would reccommend staying at the Kaatskill Mountain Club or Liftside Condos if you want a nice place to stay and its just a short 8 - 10 minute drive away. Its great for couples or families because of all of the great amenities. The website is www.kaatskillmtnclub.com. Another bonus of staying there is they just launched a Geo Caching program right on Hunter Mountain and they are looking for any avid Geo Cacher to come and try it out and give some feedback. It is well worth it to at least check it out while you are in the area!!
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