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  1. Thanks everyone for your input. I drove past the place on the way home last night and noticed a potential spot to leave the cache outside the grounds, as someone mentioned. This way, I can still give the history of the place and give info on what you can do/see inside, without people having to pay for the cache. I think this is what I'll do if I decide to definitely put a cache there. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the responses thus far and also your advice on face to face communication. When I did a little search for 'contacting landowners for permission', I came across a letter template, so I blindly accepted this was the way to go but perhaps not In regards to contacting a local reviewer, I will do that in due course but really my question was just a broad thing to gauge people's reaction to this. Do people not like having to pay to log a cache, etc? ). Thanks again for your help
  3. Hello all! Looking for some guidance as I can't find the answer to my question. Near where i live there are some lovely gardens with historical significance and it's a lovely place to walk around and have a picnic, etc. I am well aware I would need the permission of the landowner and intend to write to them to ask before placing a cache but my question is: How do people feel about having a cache placed somewhere that you have to pay to get in? The fee is €6 for adults and kids are free. Have you come across caches where you have to pay in? Did you mind or did it annoy you? I am new to the game and want to hide caches in places that are historically interesting and/or scenic, and I think this place is lovely. Any thoughts much appreciated
  4. On the way to GC Lucan Demense Park in St. Catherine's Park, Dublin yesterday. Beautiful autumn colours and the reflection really made this a special picture
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