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  1. It is annoying. I wrote a note on two unknown caches I submitted recently but for the traditional I submitted last week I had no idea what to put so I just put a full stop (or a period for American English speakers )
  2. You need to go to the page for the cache you want to drop it in. If you have already found that cache before, choose 'log a new visit', then 'write note'. You can just write 'TB drop' or whatever you like in the text. Then scroll to the bottom of the page, it will list your trackables inventory. From the drop down menu beside the trackable in question, choose 'drop off'. Et voila! If you haven't found the cache yet and you want to log a 'found it' at the same time, just follow the above steps and choose 'found it' instead of 'write note'.
  3. Someone had one of mine for over a month, so I just dropped them a friendly email, thanking them for picking it up and if they would have a chance to move it along soon. It was dropped in another cache within a few days. What's the harm in asking?
  4. My brother in law was geocaching and I couldn't understand it at all when it was explained to me. When he was visiting from the UK, the whole family were going for a hike (to find geocaches) and I went along for the walk. When we found a geocache, I thought 'this is amazing'. I still don't know why I thought that because that first cache was nothing spectacular. It was like someone flicked a switch in me and I was addicted!!
  5. Have you tried to run a PQ for just those cache types? As an aside, for Germany, there's a specific website set up mapping all webcam caches, called webcamcaches.de
  6. Here are my entries - both taken at Port, Co Donegal, Ireland on 15th March while on a caching weekend . One of the most beautiful locations I've ever been to and all because of a cache!! GC2H0BQ
  7. Earth magnets are your best bet IMO. You can get them on eBay.
  8. Don't see why that would be a problem. Just adjust the found date when logging, to match the actual date the cache was found. Could also mention in the log why there was a delay in logging (depending on the time lapsed).
  9. I tweet a lot of pics from my adventures but don't post any spoilers In fact I now find myself taking pics just for twitter! I have met some nice geocachers on there from lots of different places My twitter name is geocacher_sarah
  10. I googled 'geocaching log free template' and got some great ones I keep them in my geobag to use if necessary.
  11. In relation to photologging (and being a relative noob still ), I'm interested what people think in relation to photologging a cache that has not been maintained to the point that it is not possible to write on the log at all. I found two caches like this in the last couple of months: One was absolutely sodden, the paper would not take ink anymore. The other was in a tube and all crumpled up and wet so when I tried to extract it with a tweezers, some of the paper came away. I knew even if I got it all out, it wouldn't be possible to write on it. I photologged both of those: I found the cache but I couldn't write on the log. I guess it's a matter of opinion, but what do others do in similar cases?
  12. Ich finde es halt komisch, dass Benutzernamen nicht verfügbar sind. Meine Benutzername ist nicht so unüblich und ich wählte sie nur 8 Monaten vor. Ich würde sagen, dass msrubble den Nagel auf dem Kopf getroffen hat! Gruß aus Dublin
  13. It looks like a layover in Lisbon or Dublin, Ireland are my best option if I booked tickets today. Istanbul is another option. Come to Dublin and visit Europe's First!
  14. I usually just flick between my geocaching page where it will show the most recent caches you have found, and then back to the folder... this is how my bro-in-law showed me to do it, since he had a 10 before me... you have to think there *must* be a better way but who knows? (patiently waits for someone to come by and let us know of a simpler way ..... :laughing: )
  15. I have an etrex 10 too. The only way I have figured out to do this, is to go to the device when it's plugged in to the computer. Go to the subfolder Garmin and there you will find a list of all the GCs. You can delete the GC numbers by right clicking and then choosing 'delete'. This is really tiresome but I don't know another way.... If someone has a better way, I would be delighted to hear it!
  16. I personally would not log a find on my own cache, but funnily enough, I tried twice to find one of my own caches this last week and had to bring someone with me to find it in the end. It had migrated quite a bit away from where I put it and I didn't even look in the place it now was, because that's not where it was supposed to be. Anyway, I brought my niece and she found it; it's back where it should be now
  17. I would be interested in doing this, if anybody is partnerless?
  18. I'm happy to take it, I live in Wicklow, Ireland, about a mile from Europe's first cache so I could dip it in there for you
  19. Hallo Zusammen! Ich besitze (bis jetzt) drei GCs in meiner Nachbarschaft in Irland. Ich wohne ganz in der Nähe von der erste Cache in Europa, und deshalb fahren viele Geocacher aus Deutschland und Österreich nach unserer Stadt. Meine Frage: wäre es hilfreich, wenn ich meine Cache-Beschreibungen auch auf Deutsch schreiben? Meint ihr das es total unnötig ist?
  20. I would be interested in a cache exchange. I'm in county Wicklow, Ireland (I live near Europe's first cache).
  21. All this talk of FTF.... I had never got one until two days ago, now I have found three! Maybe starting this thread was a good omen! I found them all within 30 minutes of publication :D
  22. Finding the cache before it's published? Mind. Blown.
  23. I hid my third cache at the weekend and it was published yesterday evening. It was found within 40 minutes of being published! It got me thinking, just for fun, what's the fastest time from publish to FTF that you have seen? Was it your cache or were you the FTF?
  24. I recently 'found' a magnet attached to a sign, which I am certain is where the cache used to be (other geocachers reported finding this magnet too, but finding nothing more). I logged this as a DNF as the cache is not there! There's no log book, so it's not a cache. I went to check on the cache a week later to see if any maintenance had been done (incidentally there hadn't) but someone had logged it as found, stating 'I found the magnet'. Can't say I agree with that, but it takes all sorts to play the game I guess
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