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  1. I know it is cheating a little because they did not ALL come TODAY! A couple came yesterday but I am having so much joy looking at this beautiful bounty I wanted to share! Thanks to all who traded and had holiday sales . Now I better go wrap a couple outgoing coins or my name is mud
  2. Bumping this one up again and adding Ellendal's Malaysia coin in black nickel. (Not enough time to make a complete list this weekend!)
  3. Came very close to grabbing it after the holiday party at Mohegan Sun Friday night. But held off until the next AM to find this really cool coin still in the cache! In my excitement I forgot to take pics but, the cache was near a logging site that in combo with cold really made me fell like I was somewhere that I might see a real sasquatch Thanks for putting this coin within reach for us CT cachers!
  4. I am still hoping to get my hands on a Black and White "Cat got your cache" coin. Gonna work on getting a more complete trader list up this weekend but a quick off the top of my head list from http://www.geocoinshop.de/ their christmas coin (which looks even better in real life!) their cache and release the luxenborg sign of the zodiac-AG All in one 2008 Cyprus Wildcoin from mygecoin.de the silver winter BBQ the dorkfish holiday lobsters in red and green honu turtles N2life (Ihdaho) personal coin-I think it is AE Cachin' crows Da Funky Frogs Ellandel's caching around the world Malasia iCache GeoPix V2 and geobone (when they get here) Also have the wisconsin 2008 coin and the dorkfish idaho coins in the works thanks for looking!
  5. Same here. For the first 12 minutes, It said they were "Sold Out". SCORE ! Yes, I was beginning to wonder if they could have all been sold off the site ahead of time or something. The clock was ticking past 2PM and they kept saying sold out!!! Then HAZA!!!
  6. Well, it took a little bit of determination but, I grabbed some holiday lobsters Cannot wait to see them!
  7. Feeling a little... "challenged" but I cannot find sale prices
  8. How poetic. I found my hearts desire right in my own backyard
  9. I am seeking a "cat got your cache" coin. One look at my profile will make it obvious why I am interested in the black and white cat version. Sorry no trader list. PM me and I will offer up some options!
  10. I get frustrated with the photo cropping for these videos but I am LOVIN'! watching evryone elses! The animals are great and signal very cute! Thanks for the cointest and and to all for the time creating these videos!
  11. Ahhhh that would explain why I could not find them on the sold out page
  12. A travel bug that we met up with that wanted to get close to cheese
  13. I had to get some too! Will the antique silver be available at some point?
  14. I am so in love with my set, I may have to get a second!
  15. Thanks for the cointest! I so enjoyed looking at everone's really amazing art work!
  16. Thanks for the coin test! I was not feeling well this year so while we usually get all into the pumpkin carving experience, this year was pretty mild. So, I post it here not because it is impressive but, because I had never seen a "Kilroy" pumpkin before . It is actually three small pumpkins side by side The only way I could figure out to post a picture was to upload one to my gc.com gallery and then link it..... is there another way?
  17. Ah, that is a beautiful thing! I got a devil coin... or 2 and even though it was not in the mailbox, I was pretty pumped to finally get my Fizzy Challenge coin
  18. Love this coin and the quote on th back. my beloved dog is a greyhound... probably not in the common category!
  19. Let me know if you get a response. I sent an e-mail to them yesterday morning! Hope we both get lucky. Sue Make that three of us in small ole CT
  20. Okay, a little tired right now but this really caught my attention! I just need a point or two clarified. I have completed the requirements for the Fizzy challenge and was planning to grab the closest one in Mass (that gives me an idea, maybe I should place one it CT ) but, once I find the cache, I will be able to buy one of these coins from the owner of the Mass cache??
  21. So, they are all sold out? Anyone want to trade
  22. I find the quote very humorous.... and at first thought i would be into the coin idea. then the more i reflect upon it, it is a family hobby (sorry to be the downer with kids) but I could see some parents struggling to explain the coin to their kids (my daughter is almost as into coins as I am!). so, i think the imagery will be tricky!
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