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  1. I am just realizing i missed sale of the Reindeer Geocoin from the geocoinshop.de. Does anyone have one to trade or sell? thanks!
  2. OMG! I cannot believe how much that went for!!! Good reason for me to stay away from ebay
  3. Oh, just saw the note, randomly selected!!! Oh, thank you! thank you! thank you!
  4. Mine have arrived and one of them looks very gold and uh, er has a numbered card in it HOW AMAZINGLY!!!!! I hope it was not a mistake They are very beautiful!
  5. My order just arrived and there was much rejoicing when we opened the package My daughter was crying, "Giant mushrooms!, Giant Mushrooms! or little mushrooms close-up". Either way, the coins were a big hit! Very beautiful!
  6. Woah! 2009 is even prettier than 2008! I hope I do not miss the sale!
  7. Had some technical difficulties and did not get all I wanted but something for me and YHM
  8. Thanks! My record of remembering to wake up in the middle of the night for coins has not been good
  9. I think you will have better luck with your first thought
  10. Google gives me Diese Präsenz ist leider nicht verfügbar=The presense is not available.... sort of existential sounding
  11. I am trying to look at it as saved money as well but I too am really wanting the flu for the first time in my life
  12. I am beginning to think that to really enjoy a cointest, you have to have a dear friend post it. I have been grovin' on the answers 3 mo pregnant! Son engaged Thanks for hosting this YHM I having fun just watching Oh, glad to hear you are jumping with joy
  13. Sorry I did not post a picture with my first post. In part I was getting wisked off to do family things and in part I think they just do not do the coin justice! I was pleasantly surprised how much better I think the coins look than even the pics do!!! The contrast in the colors and the detail in the work. My daughter and I just drooled over them for quite a while . Very nice work
  14. Okay, this is likely a repeat thread but, I could not find the previous one and I just had to say how STUNNING!!!! the bewitched coins are!!! WOO HOO! Like the Birkas but just a little better
  15. My coins came today and I have to say they are bigger than I had thought they would be as well! BEAUTIFUL coin!! Nice job! Thanks
  16. Yes me too! I got 2 puffies . Gold rainbow and Original stash
  17. I am soooo pumped mine arrived today! I ordered some extra to donate to an event we have here to kick off our local tradition of cachemas and the event is tomorrow! The coins are here, they are beautiful and I am VERY happy! Thanks!
  18. What is all this talk I hear about snowballs . I would certainly love an opportunity to "keep" some more! It would remind me of this caching outing last winter where I turned around and was told by several people, "Here, keep these!" Glad none of them were yellow!
  19. YES! Mondays are good. Hubby emailed to say I have 5.5 puffies waiting for me today Can't WAIT to get home to....uh, er, see my family of course
  20. OH! this one excites me! Alas... I have a long wait until November
  21. LOL Dave that is so true! At least for me My scariest coin moments have been two times when I thought I misplaced someone elses coins. One I vividly remember had fallen under the seat in my car and I cannot remember where the other one was "lost" to but loosing someone elses item feels WAY worse than my own most treasured coin!
  22. Here's the Pile, before I started into all the surprises... HaHa, the young ladies at the table next to me thought I was crazy for wanting to move their extra chair into just that position in the background...Oh well, I like it in the picture that way. Love your picture! Hubby and I have taken to calling them "puffies" (the packages the coins come in) and he will call me or email me to tell me how many "puffies" I have gotten that day. Yesterday he told me I could come home and have a puffy party
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