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  1. What you have most likely have found was a 'signature' item that was dropped into the cache as swag. ~J
  2. VERY cute!!!! Hope to see Goofy in Northern IL - Hmm... no Disney stuff here tho - Doh! Seriously tho - congrats - and CUTE coin!!! ~P
  3. I'd be wanting those AE's for that price... not bad at all, IMO!!! Low editions? Woot. ~P
  4. All coins were shipped - and we have noticed some delays - a package going to a state next door took over a week. Mailing during the week of April 15th has its BAD side effects. If these havent arrived soon, email or PM us. ~P
  5. no way! really? i think if i ever find of those i'll quit collecting. that will be the pinnacle, the apex. i will be a happy camper. congrats! lara/rsg Ive got one for trade - an entire Compass Rose 07 set actually. PM me.
  6. Nope.. this one was on sale last year - mid summer. Sold out pretty quickly - was a fun coin. I'll send out replies to trade requests pretty quickly! Im going to see what I have still!
  7. Its one of my designs - translucent enamel. Minted by CastleCoins and Pins. I have ONE of those left as a trader, and MAYBE an AE or two.
  8. Those AE's wont be for sale anyways... just for trades. But... Im working on two new versions right now... will post about them soon.
  9. All Weather Caching? Or Perfect Caching weather? If its this I can get you more info. ~P
  10. Excellent news! Can't wait to see ours!
  11. Yeah... I think about 99.999999999% are made in China. The labor costs over here would have us charging over $25 a coin likely. ~P
  12. I wish I could do the binders... I have no patience. I keep all of mine in cases....
  13. Count me in for #3 trade! I believe my first trade was for a Tombstone Justice coin - which, had we not gotten it, it would NOW be our Hearts Desire coin! LOL We've been lucky - we have our favorite traders - which we always seem to have an ongoing back and forth of coins with. Mine gets me the most incredible stuff.... man. Stuff Id NEVER get otherwise. THOSE are the funnest trades - when you get coins you NEVER thought you'd own!
  14. I'm here, just not as much. Why? Because I am partly cured. What cured me was the humongous glut of coins that made me decide to truly focus on personal coin issues only. Exceptions to my personal rule are very rare. Hmm... the 'humongous glut' was what was responsible for getting me some of my first coins, so you wont find me complaining... I love the coins - personals, commercials, etc. The more made, the more we find in caches. The more made, the more I can trade for and meet new friends. Which... to me is the best thing that Ive gained in the coins. New friends, old friends - no matter. Gotta love coins!
  15. I would say I agree... sometimes I know personally I don't post about things because I'd rather keep quiet than have something turn ugly. I hate negativity, and I hate drama. But... I certainly agree with the general atmosphere. It seems like some of the new people will never get the respect they deserve (As human beings, if for no other reason) As much as it goes against my personality of being highly opinionated... I only post when I have something nice to say. ~P
  16. Hmm... I still see or hear from many of those listed. Perhaps its due to the nicer weather in some parts of the country recently - they're prolly all out caching.
  17. Yeah, Im so gonna go there. Those offended by naked baby butts scroll quickly..... The funny thing is NOT so much the goofy grin, or my nakedness.... But... (no pun intended) Look at the title of the book next to me. No wonder I'm smiling eh?? ~Paula
  18. Well... I can say that if you didn't know - its genuinely not your fault. I've gotten some bad logs... and unless you knew otherwise - a bad log is a bad log. (Or an incomplete log) I'd just write a kind email, and welcome him back to your caches! ~P
  19. I would say the majority of our coins have traveled safely.... with just a few going missing. But, that will never keep me from collecting em. ~P
  20. I hate proxy coins. As a collector, and as someone who's had coins stolen from the first cache I released them in, I UNDERSTAND WHY people do it, but I still can't stand em. We started drilling holes and padlocking our traveling coins so they don't go missing. I don't foresee us ever setting a copy loose because when we find em, its a serious disappointment. There's nothing enjoyable about finding a trackable piece of laminated paper. But... thats just MY opinion. If Im VERY worried about a certain coin being stolen - I wont release it. We all know some coins are more likely to disappear. Those can stay in my personal collection, either unactivated or for people to discover at events.
  21. SOLD out! Thanks for all of your support. We may work out a few new versions for those who missed the coin - we got some emails today from those who missed it. But - we'll keep it to one or two new ones. Will share information when we have it on the remint.
  22. Again - having experienced things like this - we understand completely - and will definitely be the first to step up and let people know that mint issues are NOT uncommon. I think that they 'seem' to come up on customer coins, or group coins more 'often' not because they HAPPEN there more often, but because on your own sales coins, we pretty much deal with the issues ourselves quietly. Im sure anyone who's minted a coin will agree that a snafu can come up at almost any stage of the game. But, when its a client coin, or a group coin - its necessary to share that info when it happens - which Landsharkz has been great about! This in itself is a HUGE undertaking, and I know I wouldn't want to be the one organizing it. The communication and blueprint review in itself was a monumental task I am sure. If no ones said it before - THANKS to Landsharkz for undertaking all the work to make us a great coin. And... we understand the delays - you'll find not a single complaint from the CinemaBoxers. P&J
  23. You know... and the odd thing is, if the coin sale was in person rather than online - I think the purple would have been one of the first to sell out. The purple is Incredibly deep, yet you can see all the detail underneath. ~P
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