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  1. That was my impression when I bought my coins. We always leave the option for a remint possible when we put a coin up for sale. When we have a firm delivery date on the "Cat got your cache" and "Claddagh" remints, we will offer this "Titanic" coin along with another very special 'surprise' remint offering. ~J
  2. Love the stories! Never imagined Id be telling one as well!!! Checked mail today - and what was there, but a small envelope. (I immediately thought PATHTAG!) But saw the return addy was my own! A smaller envelope inside as well - Couldn't imagine what it was... MICKEY DIVER!!!!!!!! WOOT! I RAN in the house to show Jim... couldn't believe it. Thank you SO much for sending us one of these ADORABLE coins - its a treasure! ~P
  3. We're so Gangsta! Fashizzle! LOL Keep in mind this was Friday night, post beer tasting. LOL (For me at least!! LOL) ~P
  4. No.. we dont. Our store doesn't process them correctly - and they've caused us several issues with stock numbers & with shipping. The store DOES take any Credit/Debit Card via PayPal however.
  5. And.. as usual - the photos DO NOT do the coins justice. These are incredible in person - the photos look great, but the depth of the 3D side and the details UNDER the enamel on the front simply can not show in the photos. The gold is my personal favorite... but the details show so well with it. (My mom prefers the brightness of the silver. LOL)
  6. Geocoin Design proudly presents the "TITANIC" Geocoin AVAILABLE NOW This coin comes from my own personal love of the history of the Titanic and the amazing discovery of its 'remains' after so many years. FEATURING 3D UNDER ENAMEL to create a 'Shipwreck' look. Click HERE to purchase! One side of the coin features RMS Titanic sailing on her Maiden Voyage, while the reverse shows the Titanic as it appears now, underwater - in 3D with translucent enamel to give the illusion of water. The ULTIMATE find - the Titanic sat undiscovered for many years, until it was finally discovered in 1985. The front of the coin also features many details UNDER enamel, and the details on the reverse are also 'Titanic themed' - the scrollwork is from the doors that separated the Grand Staircase from the First Class Dining Hall. Coin specifications: 1.75" Die cut coin Translucent Imitation Hard Enamels FEATURING 3D UNDER ENAMEL for a WATER effect!!! Custom Icons The initial run consists of 350 coins with an entire run of up to 750 total possible. The initial breakdowns are as follows: Satin Silver LE 50 Antique Silver Daytime 75 Antique Gold Daytime 75 Antique Silver Nighttime 75 Antique Gold Nighttime 75 The regular edition coins will be priced at $10.00 USD The LE will NOT be reminted. Designed and minted by GeocoinDesign As a note to our customers - we have had delays on remint orders (Claddagh/Cats) due to GW6 mint orders and also due to the effects we requested. We received samples that were not of the quality we wanted for the remint items, and they are currently IN production. Watch the Forum threads, or our Webstore for updates. You WILL receive an email when the items are in stock and ship.
  7. Would love a trade if anyone gets an extra!
  8. Okay John and Sharon - I'll take a stab at this. Taking into account that this was your vacation and you obviously make it a true 'roadtrip', I don't believe that you followed "bob's road" for any length of time. Therefore, I would think that you had your route preplaned. Having said that, the direct route would have taken 5658.6 miles from your place on 68th street; but you mentioned that you had gone caching and sightseeing as well... which takes additional mileage. Since you both work for the Milwaukee PD, I am certain that there were more than one donut stops along the way - Additionally, since gambling is in your blood (along with your caching name), and taking into account that you stayed in Reno - even only for 1 night, I am sure you were some gambling fools thereby adding a few miles to your trip-o-meter. Being from the west coast originally, I am certain that you browsed the bay area, but I am wary of Carmel by the Sea, since California has "Carmel" (Clint's town) and "Cardiff by the Sea", which I am sure you didn't go to - so Carmel it is...however, since my oldest brother lives in Placerville - east of Rocklin, I am certain you visited him - adding a few miles there. Since you went to Salem, OR - I am sure you visited my other brother there - but he lives on the outskirts of town on the seaside (west). That adds on a few miles as well. I am just glad that you bypassed the armpit of Oregon (begins with an E). The cardboard factory stinks up I-5. While you took your sweet time to get back through Yellowstone and Little Big Horn- there really isn't much cache saturation on that route, so extra mileage would have been kept to a minimum (there really isn't that much to see other than vast flatness). Getting back to Circus town USA - one can only imagine that you attempted to join the circus by flashing a badge Since there are enough circus acts within the department in the first place, I'm sure you felt right at home there.. with only a few more miles to go back to 68th street. Now, I know what you are thinking... why didn't I mention Ogallala and Moab... well the reason is simple. I have a friend in Grand Island, NE, and he said there is nothing but corn to the west of him, and since you didn't stay east, one can only assume that Nebraska was just a drive by - since there are cornfields in Wisconsin (if you see one, you have seen them all). After all the publicity in the news about Utah, I think I shall leave UT alone - unless you were seeking another wife while traversing the state (pun, ppl); but Sharon was with and I think she can take you, so I think that was another drive by state - unless you went through the clay hills - which are VERY pretty - especially at dawn or sunset. While the original Moab's are located on Easter Island, I am only going to add a few miles for UT. Well - since I have written you a long laundry list of items and things to consider for this cointest, I would like to personally welcome you both home (the beer is on the porch in the cooler by the front door); Paula and I hope you had a great time away from America's Dairyland. When you deliver my coins, please bring me some fresh cheese curds My guesses are 5859.8 and 6241.4 Again, I hope you enjoyed the story and really... welcome back - glad you both made it home safe and sound (or mildly unsound). ~CBs
  9. Don't feel bad Greg - Last June, my wife and I placed 7 geocaches in an otherwise untouched park. Each cache had a shiny new geocoin. Only one of them made it out of the park into another cache and is still traveling. Grin and bear it - and as I have read before.... it's a coin.. not a kidney. Press on! ~J
  10. If the coin is not yet activated, you may obtain the code here. If the coin is activated, you can log it here. Hope that helps ~J
  11. Yeah - they have the dies... but we want the finished coins to be perfect. I don't want them to not look like the samples we were sent. I expect a bit longer delay, well.. we were TOLD there would be more of a delay. But we will keep everyone posted on ALL updates. I want these to turn out perfect, and would rather take the time than accept a less than ideal product. (Check out those sample pics - I think most would agree.) They WILL be worth the wait however!
  12. Hi folks - the Cat & Claddagh remints are in production, but we were notified of some delays. We will likely see these and the cats around the same time, but were notified of some production issues this week. (No specifics were given, but we did email to try and get a rough idea of time.) We appreciate everyones patience - Im thinking the special cat finish is setting us a little behind - we were VERY specific about the appearance of the coins being accurate to the samples. Will post with any and all updates!!! ~P
  13. Hi folks - the Claddagh remints are in production, but we were notified of some delays. We will likely see these and the cats around the same time, but were notified of some production issues this week. (No specifics were given, but we did email to try and get a rough idea of time.) We appreciate everyones patience - Im thinking the special cat finish is setting us a little behind. Will post with any and all updates!!! ~P
  14. Sheer Brilliance! Bravo Zulu! ~J PS... will you make me one?
  15. I'll get Paula to explain the coin later today... ~J
  16. No... I knew nothing about these being minted. And.. no idea on the other questions either! I know the initial run, but thats it.
  17. Okay... I recently snapped a pic of this - Kinda reminds me of a coin I saw...hmmmm where did I see it.. OH YEAH... on my Seeking list! Well, until someone sent me one! ~J
  18. Love the concept - I used to collect these, but Id perhaps incorporate more of the original detailed elements used in the real dolls to make them more authentic. GREAT idea - It will be fun to see how these turn out.
  19. Excellent coin! Very neat!!!!!
  20. I'll need a Glow Tranquility if anyone gets an extra.
  21. Now that the orders have closed - they will go into production! Should be a few weeks - things are running a little slow with the GW6 coins coming out, but Im sure it shouldnt take too long. AND.. we will keep everyone closely updated on these!
  22. Remint Orders are now closed on the Claddagh - I will be posting final numbers once I have some coffee and get my act together this mornin'. ~J
  23. Yes, often we don't get messages with attachments. I would say email first with information, and then let them know you will be sending art. Sometimes we don't get messages if they have any attachments - so, take that into consideration as well. If the companies didnt respond with a "We'd be glad to help" email, I'd assume they didn't get the email. Right now, I think alot of the holdups with the mints is GW6 projects. The mints are all uber busy. Even our normally quick minting turnarounds have been moved back a bit recently. Im unthrilled, but I think after the rush stops and the dust settles, all will be back to normal. ~P
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